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Skeppshult is a world-renowned Swedish manufacturer of cast-iron cookware. The factory's beginnings date back to 1906, when its founder Charles E. Andersson, after his return from North America, brought with him a large portion of both dreams and reliable knowledge. He decided to locate a new factory in Skeppshult on the Nissan River. It is worth noting that all Skeppshult vessels are made from the highest quality cast iron in Sweden from start to finish. Suitable for both induction hobs and all other types of hobs, the vessels are completely safe for ceramic surfaces, thanks to the correct bottom shape and properties of the material used. Iron, a completely safe material, also allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the vessel and stored for a long time, which makes Skeppshult pots and pans ideal for serving straight to the table. Taking into account the quality of prepared food and safety of users, all Skeppshult pots and pans have a concave bottom, not thinner than 6 mm and are sufficiently heavy. For frying in pans and other Skeppshult dishes it is recommended to use vegetable oil and fry at 180 - 200 °C. The cast iron surface is covered by a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and the other components have a 2 year warranty.

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