Bathroom + bedroom

Bathroom is the place where we start every day, as well as the place where we finish it. After a hard day's work, before an elegant party, before a party with friends or an important family celebration, this is where we rest, relax, wash, take care of our body, paint and put ourselves in a good mood. Moments spent in the bathroom (of which there are quite a few throughout life and which, as it turns out, count in years!) should therefore be properly celebrated, and the room itself should be arranged so that we can feel at ease, well and comfortable in it, regardless of whether our bathroom is rather small or quite spacious. What should be considered when planning our bathroom? Let's not forget that in the design of such rooms, especially if they are small in size, absolutely every detail, every inch of space and every object counts, so the bathroom accessories present in the bathroom should be selected with due care, according to the design, plan, our needs, habits and preferences in terms of style, colour and character of the room. If the bathroom is minimalist, austere and economical in its form, both the soapbox and the towel racks, the tooth wash mug, the hairdryer holder and even the paste, brush, toilet paper and other bathroom items should have their own predetermined place. In the bathroom, where the chosen color (or the entire color palette) reigns on the walls (whether tile, paint or wallpaper), there should be bathroom accessories that do not 'bite' with the leading color, are a background or a complement to it, and which emphasize its character. Steel accessories from brands such as Zack and Blomus are ideal for monochrome, black and white or grey bathrooms. In their case, you can also decide whether the steel will have a brushed (slightly more subdued) or polished (elegant, luxurious, with a glamour effect) finish, whether it will combine with plastic or (if you want to insulate the space) with wood. Colourful goat accessories made of plastic will be a perfect counterbalance for white walls, a reference to colourful elements of the arrangement, a perfect addition to the bathroom for the youngest inhabitants, or a designer's pinch of humour, so necessary in our everyday life. Wooden accessories, on the other hand, will be a perfect match for beige tiles and warm colours of the earth. Bathroom accessories presented below are both everyday items that are essential in any bathroom (such as soap dispensers, towel racks, toilet brushes or brush cups) and bathroom accessories that will allow you to organize the space in the interior. Material containers, plastic boxes and organizers of all kinds, such as jewelry racks and containers for make-up, petal and tissue boxes, and bathroom and shower shelves, will help you organize your bathroom items in harmony, cleanliness and exemplary organization. At FormAdore we also offer bathroom accessories that will give your bathroom a luxurious spa experience - elegant towels, soft bathroom rugs, fragrant candles, cosmetic mirrors and mirrors. Thanks to this type of products, the bathroom will turn into a room where you will spend your time with the greatest pleasure - in the bathtub, in the shower or in front of the mirror, which, if you feel like it, you will not be afraid to ask which bathroom is the most beautiful for candles... FormAdore invites you!

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