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The time spent folding the map in accordance with the original folds is a luxury that tourists who are thirsty for excitement cannot afford. Wouldn't it be easier to just roll up the map in a ball and put it in your pocket? This was the conclusion of Emanuele Pizzolorusso, working for Palomar brand, Crumpled Map designer. Thanks to his instant crushing and unfolding technique, it takes only two seconds to unfold and fold the map, and the material it is made of - Dupont Tyvek - is extremely durable and 100% waterproof. Original graphics and a pleasant to the touch are the features that made the Crumpled Map project so successful that it has won awards such as the XXIII Compasso D'Oro ADI Award Honorable Mention, the 2012 Design Plus Award and the European Consumer Choice Award. The collection includes maps of cities - capitals, but also the most important or largest cities from around the world, as well as versions of maps for the youngest tourists or maps of the sky. Attention - crush before use!

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