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Alarm clock or table clock? Two relatives, many of whom are divided, but one thing they have in common - control of the passing hours. In this category you will find timepieces smaller than wall clocks, but no less stylish and practical.

If you're looking for an alarm clock... You won't be disappointed! We have plenty of them. Both retro alarm clocks, the classic ones, with hammer and bells, and the ultra-modern ones electronic alarm clocks. For the youngest there is a separate offer of colourful alarm clocks for children. And if you have serious problems getting up, be sure to look at the category with absolute, with loud alarm clocks.

If you're looking for table clocks... You will surely choose something for yourself from several dozen design proposals. A classic chest of drawers clock or a typical fireplace clock? Or maybe a breath of freshness in the form of a Scandinavian clock in pastel colors?

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Wake-Up Light Alarm lamp

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Wake-Up Light Alarm lamp

Arne Jacobsen Table clock black

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Arne Jacobsen Table clock black


We need an alarm clock now!

In our offer there are Alarm clocks by internationally renowned Danish designers, including Arne Jacobsen and Norm Architects. Economical in form, they expose the object, which is an alarm clock, in its basic shape, without unnecessary decorations. Minimalist shields and simple tips are further distinguishing features of alarm clocks in Scandinavian style. Alarm clocks made of metal, glass, plastic or wood will also fit into traditional bedrooms. An additional advantage is the Japanese floating mechanism, which some of the alarm clocks are equipped with - it ensures extremely quiet operation of the timer, so there is no fear that loud ticking will disturb your peaceful sleep.

Modern alarm clocks

Projects that cannot be passed by indifferently. Most often these are alarm clocks equipped with illuminated dials, phosphorescent tips, snooze function, and even a date and temperature display. Simple, futuristic shapes and expressive colours are further features that determine the originality of alarm clocks in modern style. They are perfect for a teenager's room as well as for minimalist and industrial bedrooms.

Retro alarm clocks

Their shape resembles the alarm clocks we know well from our grandparents' bedrooms - round, on their feet, equipped with two bells at the very top - they evoke childhood memories. Retro-alarm clocks They will look good in traditionally furnished bedrooms, where wooden furniture, creased curtains and heavy curtains dominate. Thanks to the highest quality of workmanship, the clocks - despite their traditional casing - work faultlessly and quietly. Vintage alarm clocks can also function as table clocks if we place them on a desk or a cabinet in the living room.

Traditional alarm clocks

With a classic shape and a neat finish. In beautiful metal housings and streamlined shapes, they have a timeless character and give the interiors a special touch. The clear digitblat and the classically finished hands take us a moment into the past, while the quiet, precise and energy-saving mechanism ensures that the clock runs smoothly. Such alarm clocks look good in classically furnished bedrooms, they can also be an interesting breakthrough of style in modern interiors arranged for the Scandinavian fashion. Elegant design allows you to use them also as table clocks, which should be placed on a cabinet in the living room or in the study.

Alarm clocks for children

They are colourful, with a clear digitblate and a pleasant alarm. Offer alarm clocks for children FormAdore contains only the best proposals from the world of design for the youngest. Getting up in the morning will be easier if your child's bedside table has a colourful alarm clock on it. This is much better than a mobile phone under a pillow!

Loud alarm clocks

Absolute alarm clocks for moms too! We have dedicated ourselves to you and tested them on the biggest sleepers in FormAdore. We baptised each alarm clock with an extremely loud alarm as a "super alarm clock". It is 100% effective! This is . noisy alarm clocksThey occur in the form of both electronic and analogue alarm clocks.

Table clocks - functional decoration

Of course, we have clocks with an alarm clock in our offer, but it is also worth noting the classic table clockse.g. fireplace clocks. Such timepieces have only two functions: they indicate the time and decorate the interior. However, their arrangement potential cannot be underestimated! Table clocks have a completely different character than alarm clocks, so they achieve a completely different effect in interior design.

Such standing clocks most often land on a chest of drawers or a fireplace, but it is worth looking for another, less obvious place for them. Let's be guided by their dimensions and aesthetics. For example - a minimalistic table clock of the scandi type will look good on a shelf made of light wood, but can bite with a heavy chest of drawers made of nuts.

We also have proposals for offices, that is desk clocks.

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