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Alarm clock or table clock? Two relatives, many of whom are divided, but one thing they have in common - control of the passing hours. In this category you will find timepieces smaller than wall clocks, but no less stylish and practical.

If you're looking for an alarm clock... You won't be disappointed! We have plenty of them. Both retro alarm clocks, the classic ones, with hammer and bells, and the ultra-modern ones electronic alarm clocks. For the youngest there is a separate offer of colourful alarm clocks for children. And if you have serious problems getting up, be sure to look at the category with absolute, with loud alarm clocks.

If you're looking for table clocks... You will surely choose something for yourself from several dozen design proposals. A classic chest of drawers clock or a typical fireplace clock? Or maybe a breath of freshness in the form of a Scandinavian clock in pastel colors?

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Wake-Up Light Alarm lamp

85,05 €

Wake-Up Light Alarm lamp

Arne Jacobsen Table clock black

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Arne Jacobsen Table clock black

Boxed Flip Clock black matt

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Boxed Flip Clock black matt