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The pen is not just an attribute of doctors, architects or CEOs. Although we are increasingly using smartphones and tablets these days, let us not forget that a a good pen or reliable pen are still an important and practical gadget in our lives. What would a greeting on a holiday postcard or a dedication in a gift leaf be without them? By leaving a handwritten signature, you show your respect for the other person. À propos of gifts... A pen and pen it's an excellent idea to give a loved one something practical and in good taste.

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2 pcsMoleskine Pencils with sharpener 2 pcs

20,77 €

Moleskine Pencils with sharpener 2 pcs

Design Letters Automatic pencil

21,20 €

Design Letters Automatic pencil

Design Letters
Vista Mechanical pencil

16,27 €

Vista Mechanical pencil

Magazyn FF
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