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Tell The Time Wall clock 25 cm

$ 29.29

Tell The Time Wall clock 25 cm

Walter Wayle II Wall clock

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Walter Wayle II Wall clock


Which wall clock to choose?

The wall clock - once an obligatory element of every interior design - gains a second life today, becoming an important part of home, office or hotel space design. Apart from purely practical functions, it also serves as a decoration, gives the interiors a specific character and makes them unique. It can be charmingly old-fashioned or uncompromisingly modern; no matter what style it is in, the wall clock is a distinctive, eye-catching addition. So if you feel that your apartment is missing that "something", you are annoyed by an empty wall in your living room or you want to add a word for impersonal office spaces, the wall clock is the perfect solution. Which one to choose?

Choose your clock style

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Modern clocks

Simple in form or on the contrary - in a surprising, original shape, made of high quality materials, steel, glass, porcelain, wood. Often without numbers on the dial, whose function is performed by other elements of the clock. Silent and sometimes almost invisible! They are perfect for modern, industrial interiors, where brick and concrete walls reign. Modern wall clocks are also suitable for offices, hotels and other utility rooms.

Classic clocks

Chic and elegant fireplace clocks, classic wall clocks, romantic pendulum or cuckoo clocks, with characteristic Roman numerals on the dial. Made of the highest quality materials, in natural colours and classic shapes, they will be a perfect complement to the traditional interior design. By contrast, you can also use them in a room decorated in industrial or loft style.

Retro clocks

The lovers of retro style will surely be interested in such models as: Cronotime - a reissue of the famous clock designed in the 60s by Pio Manzu, the Pendulum Square clock with a pendulum, combining tradition with modernity, or the Harriet model, referring to the Provencal style and matching the cosy, idyllic interiors. The retro wall clocks are old-fashioned, but their mechanism is faultless and walks like a... in a watch!

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Stationary clocks

A heavy, wide frame, usually metal or wooden, and a very legible dial with a scale and black-coloured hands are the hallmarks of station clocks. References to classic, perfectly recognizable forms and shapes are the essence of vintage style. Such wall clocks will add character to any interior, especially the austere loft spaces of apartments and offices kept in subdued colours.