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Wall clocks have come a long way to reach the basic arsenal of interior design. Over the centuries they have become more and more functional, to finally become a permanent feature in the arrangement of houses, stations, hotels, offices, restaurants... Today's wall clocks must meet the requirements of functionality, quality and design. Their mechanism works on a similar principle, and only design provides a wide range of possibilities.

Modern wall clocks are an offer for people who appreciate original arrangement solutions. Their opposite is constituted by retro clocks - stylized on the old, emanating the climate of the old times. Pendulum clocks and cuckoo clocks are also considered to be classics of the genre. Stationary clocks have become a separate category; they have conquered the hearts of vintage style lovers, longing for the atmosphere of the 19th century. Wooden wall clocks, on the other hand, are chosen by lovers of rustic style, in which wood plays the main role. An interesting proposition is 3D clocks - three-dimensional timepieces will work well both in a modern interior as well as serving as clocks for children.

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Walter Wayle II Wall clock

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Walter Wayle II Wall clock