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Soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch carpets uniquely highlight the character of interiors. By choosing a simple carpet in a subdued colour scheme, you will complement the space with a delicate, yet not devoid of charm, decorative element. You can also opt for a distinctive carpet with a striking motif and a strong colour that will catch all eyes from the threshold. Discover our wide range of carpets that will change your home and create a cosy atmosphere in your home to relax with your loved ones.

A wide range of carpets for the bedroom, living room, children's room...

Carpet for the living room, bedroom, dining room or easy to clean hallway pavement... In FormAdore you will find A wide range of carpets in different designs, colours, sizes and styles. Our range includes both round and oval carpets, as well as rectangular carpets. Rectangular walkways are a great choice for the living room or bedroom, while the round carpet is the best solution for the dining room table. To make the carpet fit perfectly into the interior design, it is worth They can be adapted to the size, room layout, furniture and other accessories. Room carpets also differ in size and material. Carpet 120x170 i carpet 160x230 These are the most sought after dimensions, although not the only ones available in our shop. When it comes to the material from which carpets are made, the most popular are durable and dirt- and fade resistant polypropylene and polyester carpets, but among our propositions you will also find very pleasant to the touch, yet durable and solidly constructed, natural woollen carpets.

Fashionable carpets in different styles

We offer a wide range of carpets in different styles. A carpet for the living room, bedroom or other room in the house should be properly selected, both to the style and interior design, as well as to our taste and individual preferences. Among our suggestions you will find modern carpetsthat fit in perfectly into the style of modernist, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors. Their exceptional character is determined by original patterns and fashionable colours. The following are very popular geometric carpetsdistinctive with an interesting and designer look, and their diversity allows you to choose a model that will emphasize the interior design in an impressive way. Modern carpets for the living room, bedroom or dining room are also characterized by interesting colours. White carpet and black and white carpet are classic, traditional, but not devoid of elegance models, which will perfectly complement the minimalist interior design. At FormAdore you will also find grey carpetstrendy turquoise carpets and many more eye-catching patterns.

We also offer carpets in boho-style, which stand out Subdued colours and an interesting finish. It is among the boho models that you will find A carpet with tassels, simple motifs, ethnic patterns or a Moroccan clover carpet. Boho carpets look beautiful in Scandinavian and rustic style interiors.

Our proposals could also include vintage carpetsthat bring into the interior a note of elegance and nonchalance. If you want the carpet to be visible and in the room the main decorative element, Bet on red carpet. If you prefer less distinctive colors, decide on A carpet in a light shade, such as grey or cream.

Shaggy carpets and furs - soft and fluffy

Shaggy carpets have a long pile that makes them Warm, fluffy and nice to the touch, in addition They protect the feet from direct contact with the cold floor and perfectly suppress sounds. It is an ideal choice for interiors where we want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Despite its long bristle shaggy and fur rugs are resistant to mechanical damage and deformationso they keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. These are perfect bedroom rugs!

Children's carpets - colourful and functional

Our offer couldn't miss children's carpetswhich, in the youngest room, are not only an interesting and colourful decorative element. Carpets in children's land are primarily a practical addition, performing many important functions.They protect against slipping on the floor and the painful effects of falls, but they also soundproof the room perfectly, guaranteeing a peaceful sleep. A children's carpet is also the perfect place to play - for laying bricks, playing puzzles or playing board games. The following deserve special attention soft and colorful 3D carpets for childrenwhich, by using different pile lengths, give the impression of spaciousness. Impressive 3D carpets showing a city plan, a dollhouse or a race track They encourage play, stimulate the imagination and stimulate the development of toddlers.

Terrace carpets - durable and durable

Carpet on the balcony? Why not! Terrace carpet is a perfect complement to the external arrangement. However, if you decide on this fashionable and modern solution, you should select a carpet suitable for all weather conditions. The carpets we offer are made of made of high quality weather-resistant materials, such as solar radiation or moisture, and are characterized by high strength, durability and flexibility. They also have antistatic properties and are resistant to all kinds of dirt. These types of carpets also surprise with their design and interesting design. The carpet will look great outside surrounded by beautiful plants, and will be with them, an original decoration of your balcony or terrace.

Carpets decorate rooms in a spectacular way and at the same time they warm up and add cosiness, so it is worth introducing this functional decorative element to interiors. Smooth and patterned, multicoloured and monochromatic, traditional and modern, with short and long pile - the range of carpets is huge, so it is easy to find a model that will emphasize the character of your space in an original way.

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