Pressure cookers

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The pressure cooker is the basis for a modern kitchen, ideal for anyone who appreciates the comfort and convenience of cooking. It not only saves you time and energy, but also prepares exceptionally healthy, tasty and natural dishes. A good pressure cooker opens up unlimited culinary perspectives. Thanks to the air-tightness of the cooker, the steam generated by heating up the water increases the pressure inside the cooker. This pressure increases the boiling point of the water to 112-120°C, and this is where the secret to cooking speed lies. The pressure cooker is also airtight, allowing you to get the full flavour and aroma of your food. It also saves up to 50% of the energy required to cook in a pressure cooker. As you can see, cooking in a pressure cooker has its own advantages, so please take a look at the Silit and Fissler brands.

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