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A table setting without napkins looks sad and incomplete, don't you agree? Although the napkins themselves are unobtrusive, the lack of them is! In FormAdore you will find paper napkins, colourful, with a variety of playful patterns, which are perfect for outdoor parties or less formal occasions. On the other hand cloth napkins for festive meals at Easter or Christmas (special festive napkins are ideal for these occasions).

The napkins can be laid on the table, neatly folded of course, or in napkin holders designed for this purpose. napkins. If you are looking for an exceptionally elegant effect, opt for napkin rings. napkin rings - although they are not very popular, they certainly deserve attention if your aim is to set the table beautifully.

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Meals with family or friends are a good way to spend quality time with your loved ones. If you have invited family members or guests for lunch or dinner, take care not only of the delicious food, but also the table setting. In addition to tableware, there should also be functional accessories on the table, among which napkins are essential. With us, you will find these articles in many versions.

Paper nap kins - wide choice of colours and patterns

Colourful paper napkins, which we have plenty of, are perfect as a decorative element at your child's birthday party. The varied patterns will allow you to select napkins for birthdays organised for the youngest of two, five or
ten years old. The original patterns will bring a smile to the face of every birthday boy or girl. Paper napkins at a birthday party are not only a way to keep the meal clean and tidy, but also an option for creative play. Children can create original shapes from them using the art of origami. In the FormAdore offer there is also no shortage of napkins with geometric patterns, which will allow you to enrich the dining room decorated in the art déco style, as well as those with subtle patterns, which are the perfect complement to classic or minimalist styling. The range of paper napkins will also satisfy lovers of Scandinavian-style table decorations. Decorative paper nap kins will also work well as an accompaniment to a dinner party on the terrace or in the garden. To prevent them from being blown away by the wind, it is advisable to place them in solid napkins of delightful design. delightful design. In FormAdore we offer you a wide selection of these. The selected articles from this category also have one superpower - they make you smile and improve your mood, all thanks to the inscriptions appearing on them. Paper napkins with text are worth choosing for the table prepared for breakfast with your household or a casual get-together with friends.

Tablecloth nap kins - for a table in a perfect setting

If, on the other hand, you prefer more ecological solutions, opt for cloth napkins. In FormAdore you will find cotton napkins that you can use again and again. They impress with their precise workmanship and the material which is extremely pleasant to the touch. The Christmas napkins in particular deserve a special mention. Our suggestion for Christmas is a napkin decorated with motifs such as Christmas trees or stars, which is available in red, green or white. However, if you are looking for a napkin for Easter, we recommend the white models with beautiful embroidery, which will give a more festive touch to the table gathering. To make the atmosphere even more festive, you can place your chosen napkins in special napkin rings designed for them. In FormAdore you will also find cloth napkins which, combined with the right accessories, will look beautiful in a dining room decorated in the classic, minimalist and Scandinavian style. Match them with beautiful tableware, high quality tablecloth and accessories, such as a vase or candleholders, and enjoy a beautiful table.

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