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What can you do to make every shopping trip a pleasure? In addition to an accurate shopping list and comfortable shoes, you also need a roomy, lightweight yet stylish shopping bag. Whether you're in the mall or a local shop, it will make you look smart and classy. In addition, by doing away with the popular disposable bags, you are taking care of the environment and... your back, which you will relieve by choosing a carefully designed and manufactured shopping trolley on wheels. Worried that a functional shopping bag cannot look good? Nothing could be further from the truth! With the shopping bags, shoppers and baskets available in our shop from brands such as Loqi or Reisenthel, you will feel like a style icon. Choose a model that will accompany you every day, in all circumstances. Full description

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NewSatt Cooler bag

31,78 €

Satt Cooler bag

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    Satt Cooler bag

    31,78 €

    Satt Cooler bag

    House Doctor
Rolser Convert Shopping cart black

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Rolser Convert Shopping cart black

Bloomingville Basket 44 cm rattan

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Bloomingville Basket 44 cm rattan

Picnic Shopping tote

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Picnic Shopping tote

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3 pcsConical Baskets 3 pcs

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Conical Baskets 3 pcs

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Magazyn FF

What to choose: a bag, a basket or a trolley?

This is the question you need to answer first. The bag is the most versatile choice - lightweight, roomy, easy to fold and stow in your handbag, and thanks to its high quality workmanship, it will work well even during the hot sales period. The basket, on the other hand, is more stylish, perfect for a bike rack, a trip out of town or a picnic in the park. Thanks to its rigid construction, you can easily carry food, flowers or even... your beloved pet. The trolley is ideal if you are planning to do a lot of shopping at the supermarket or vegetable store. It will also make a great gift for a mum or grandma who can't carry. Check out below what else to look out for when choosing a shopping bag, basket or trolley.

What material should the bag be made of?

Textile bags

Usually made of linen or cotton canvas in natural colours, plain or printed, with long, comfortable handles that allow the bag to be easily slung over the shoulder. Textile bags are extremely functional and are easy to fold and take up very little space. They can be washed in an ordinary washing machine, however, paying attention to the type of material and the temperature of the water - linen bags should not be washed at a temperature higher than 30˚. Their versatility makes them suitable for almost any outfit, and the wide range of sizes, shapes and colours ensures that everyone will find their favourite model.

Plastic bags

Their undoubted advantage is that they are made of durable, eco-friendly, waterproof polyester or polyethylene - extremely strong yet lightweight materials. Obtained through a recycling process, these reusable bags are an environmentally friendly product. Bags made of plastic will prove useful not only when shopping, but also at the beach, on a picnic, on a bike trip or even at home as a container for storing various trinkets. What's more, bags made of polyester are tear-resistant, easy to fold and machine-washable - just like textile bags. On the other hand, those made of polyethylene have a more rigid construction, making them suitable for use as shopping baskets, and they are even easier to clean - simply rinse with water in the shower or wipe with a damp cloth.

Purpose - what will the bag be used for?

Bags for a trip

They should be fairly large and roomy so that you can fit all your essentials in them. An extra internal zipped pocket to keep your wallet or phone in will be a plus. The bag should also be waterproof, lightweight and have a comfortable handle, allowing it to be carried over the shoulder or held in the hand. If the bag is mainly for packed provisions, it is worth considering a model with a stiffened bottom - a shopper type bag or an upgraded version of the wicker basket.

Shopping bags and baskets

Here the choice is truly vast. From classic textile or plastic shoulder bags to XXL shoppers, shopping baskets with a stiffened structure and functional trolleys with sturdy wheels and telescopic handles. Depending on where you are going and what kind of shopping you are doing, a small or large bag, padded or soft, with an eye-catching print or in a muted colour, may be suitable. Pay attention to elements such as the quality and durability of the material, the presence of lockable pockets, ease of washing or cleaning, foldability and design. A well-designed and well-made bag can serve you for a long time, so it is worth choosing a model that reflects your style and character.

Walking bags

If you're going for a walk to a nearby park, you don't need a huge bag. A bag that can hold a blanket and your favourite book will do. However, if you plan to do some shopping on the way back or are going to the playground with small children, something roomier will come in handy. Wide bags made of eco-friendly polyester with long and sturdy handles will work great here. Taking snacks with you? Choose a lunch bag or a cooler bag. Can't carry because you have a toddler in the carrier? A manoeuvrable trolley on wheels will be the best solution. Depending on your needs, preferences and where and with whom you are going, choose a bag that meets your needs.

Bags for work and school

For work, school or university, it's especially useful to have bags that are strong and sturdy, in which you can easily carry heavy books, notes and even your laptop. The bigger the better - after all, you're often still shopping after work. If you work for a company with a dress code, pay attention to the colour scheme and choose a bag in a classic colour. If you're going to be using it for sportswear or casual shoes, it's important that it's easy to wash. Everything else is up to you. Maybe you only need one bag, or maybe you need several for different purposes? Take a minute to think about it and then browse through our suggestions. We're sure you'll find something to suit you!

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