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If you forget to pack your favourite T-shirt, your holiday can still be a success. But lack of cosmetics is a real problem. That's why a capacious beautician, which can accommodate all your hygiene products, creams and other peculiarities, is an absolute must during every trip. Apart from proper packaging, the ideal beautician must meet a number of other conditions. It should be tight, so that spilled shampoo does not spoil your mood immediately when you open your suitcase; it must also be robust and durable, so that your favourite cream is completely safe in it. The ideal of the beautician is complemented by a spectacular design - very important for most women (and appreciated by many men!). FormAdore has both female and male beauticians.

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Urban Beautician case

15,85 €

Urban Beautician case

Mini Share Beautician case shoulder strap

89,72 €

Mini Share Beautician case shoulder strap

Crash Baggage
2 pcsHübsch Beautician case cotton 2 pcs

62,53 €

Hübsch Beautician case cotton 2 pcs

Magazyn FF
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