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Childhood photos, photographs of important events and travels are our private chronicle of our greatest victories and sometimes our greatest fashion failures. However, remember that everything comes back, maybe embarrassing photos from the past today can prove your sense of trends? So don't hesitate, just get your photos developed! Whether it's 10x15, 13x18 or 15x21 cm - it doesn't matter, you're sure to find the right photo album for every format with us. Take our word for it: there's no chance you'll get through all your photos stored on your computer, but there's a good chance you'll go through your album or keepsake book many more times. You can choose a pasted photo album, a traditional album with pockets, even a photo box. You're sure to find something to suit you!

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Memories Photo album

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Photo albums and boxes

In our shop you will find various types of photo albums: traditional photo albums with pockets, black retro-style photo albums in which the photos are attached with special corner stickers, as well as folding photo albums tied with a charming ribbon.

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An interesting alternative to albums are decorative photo boxes, which also work well as a way of storing photographs.

We suggest you albums and photo boxes from the German brand Semikolon, known for its simple designs and rich colour palette. A specially designed colour system allows the collection to be continually expanded with new products: notebooks, folders, binders. As a result, the company's products form harmonious sets, which you will fully appreciate when you present them on a shelf or glass cabinet.

Among the photo albums offered by our shop, you will find both large, hand-sewn albums, with covers upholstered with fabric in delicate patterns and pastel colours, and smaller models, photo albums for photos in the size of 10 x 15 cm, and boxes equipped with a lid with a ribbon and a window for your favourite photo. The advantage of the products presented here is that they are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, allowing you to create a private photo archive in a uniform design.

Useful accessories will be the corner stickers, which allow you to fix your photos in traditional pasted photo albums. These are available in black, gold and cream so that they can be matched to any of the albums available. Our albums also feature additional pockets for storing film, photo CDs or small keepsakes.

Expert advice

When choosing an album, pay attention to the quality of construction - after all, it's meant to last for years!
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