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Don't take too much with you on your journey. What's more, it is said that a passport and a credit card will suffice, but it is sometimes worthwhile to arm oneself with small gadgets that will make your journey more enjoyable and make it more comfortable. Covers and a case for documents, jewelry containers or ties will take care of the most precious things, and a gadget in the form of a suitcase cover in the chosen color and pattern will make waiting for the plane more pleasant. The Seletti brand, in turn, advises to pack wisely and stylishly, offering its users SmarTravel tourist sachets, thanks to which the suitcase will be packed perfectly and its owner will know at a glance what, where it is. The sachets from the collection differ not only in colour and size, but also in the purpose defined by the name of the sachets and the drawing placed on them. SmarTravel sachets include those for underwear, shoes, cosmetics, medicines, as well as for small accessories, elegant gadgets, dirty underwear, shirts and shorts. In a word, it is worth travelling - with gadgets from FA!

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