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The nice poster is... Stop, there is no such thing as a definition of "cool poster"! Some people prefer funny posters, others prefer Scandinavian (minimalist) and yet others will hang on the wall an artistic picture poster. The same goes for the space we want to decorate. Another poster will fit to the living room, another to the kitchen. Luckily, the choice at FormAdore is huge!

A poster is not only wall decoration, but also an excellent way to express yourself and your own tastes. Optimists will love our motivational posters, in turn black and white posters They will hit the tastes of minimalists, who appreciate rather crude arrangements. Choose . typographic posters, if you want your guests... quickly receive an important message for you :) Or maybe you want to start looking for the perfect poster, following its dimensions? You can do that! We have the most popular ones, such as 30x40 and 100x70 posters.

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Decorative posters are a perfect alternative to traditional paintings and a quick and easy way to make the interior more attractive. This type of graphics enliven the space and are a great decoration of modern interiors.

Posters - modern wall decoration

Wall posters are an interesting decoration which has been very popular for a long time. No wonder - after all, modern posters are a quick and easy way to change your interior design and give it an original character.

In our offer you will find both home and office posters. This solution is perfect for all interiors. Living room posters and bedroom posters are the most sought after and selected, but these types of graphics also look good when hung on the wall in the hallway, study, and even in the kitchen or bathroom. Also noteworthy are original and interesting wall decorations for children, which will certainly decorate many children's land. You will find here posters in the frame as well as unframed posters. Graphics come in different patterns, colours and sizes, among which the most popular are 30x40 and 100x70 posters. All wall decorations What unites one thing - it's high quality workmanship. Posters offered by us have been printed on durable and resistant paper resistant to such factors as humidity, high temperature or sunlight. You will surely find wall decorations, which will decorate your interior in an impressive way.

Black and white posters - modern posters for the living room, bedroom, bathroom...

White and black are timeless colours which, when put together, always look elegant and stylish. Posters maintained in these two, universal and neutral colours, are an ideal proposal for modern, minimalistic, austere interiors, but not only. The classic character of the black and white posters makes them also perfect for rooms with lively and intense colours.

Due to its timeless character, the black-and-white poster presents itself perfectly in combination with posters in different colours or with its own photographs. Modern posters maintained in black and white are a minimalist, but extremely impressive decoration, which will decorate the wall in a stylish way in the apartment, but also in the office, bar or restaurant.

Posters with inscriptions - stylish decoration of any interior

Are you looking for a simple way to change your interior design? We help you with every detail, fashionable and designer posters with inscriptions made with attention to detail. A large part of them are motivational posters, which not only play a great decorative role, but also stimulate our creativity. A Scandinavian poster with a quote, sentiment or inspiring inscription makes us reflect, stimulates us to act and inspires positive energy.

This type of graphics is a perfect solution for a living room or a study, but also ideal posters for the office, encouraging the team to work and positively influencing the efficiency of employees. Moreover, posters with motivational inscriptions are perfect for children's rooms. Posters with motivational inscriptions, inspiring and giving strength to action will be a perfect decoration of a child's interior. A typographic poster with an interesting, thought-provoking inscription will put everyone in a good mood and bring a breath of freshness and originality to the interior.

Artistic posters - an interesting wall decoration

If you are looking for a wall decoration with original, eye-catching motifs in the form of abstract shapes or colourful patterns, be sure to check out our offer of artistic posters. Among them are personalized, signed by the designer, Follygraph posters from the collection of Zodiac Signs, showing the arrangement of stars in a particular sign, on a blue and dark blue background. This is a great choice for a bedroom, study or teenager's room. Artistic framed posters will decorate every wall in your home in an elegant and stylish way.

Botanical posters - fashionable wall decoration

Botanical posters This is a very strong interior design trend, referring to minimalism in the Scandinavian style, because plant motifs blend beautifully with wooden or cotton furniture or linen textiles. Minimalist posters with floral motifs bring a lot of freshness, peace and harmony into the room.

Graphics with leaves, flowers or palms work well in any room. These are ideal posters for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room. Such graphics will enliven and enrich the interior design and will be a designer decoration of your walls. Scandinavian posters with a floral motif, will give the interiors an original and climatic character.

Posters for the kitchen - ingenious posters for a wall with kitchen motifs

Posters for the kitchen These are spectacular wall decorations, with which you can decorate your walls in a quick and impressive way. Wall posters for the kitchen are ingenious graphics, which refer thematically to food. Picture posters with fruits, vegetables or sweets are just a few of our proposals. In FormAdore you will also find posters showing kitchen calculators, practical tips on how to prepare meals, recipes on smoothie, as well as posters guiding you through coffee, tea or knife types. A kitchen poster is a great decoration that will give this room a unique, original and cosy feel.

Map of the world for the wall - an idea for an interesting wall decoration

World map This is a wall decoration that will blend in with the decoration of both the living room, bedroom, study and children's room. The world map hanging on the wall in your child's room will serve not only a decorative but also educational function and will certainly serve as a learning aid. On the other hand, the world map hanging on the wall in the living room or bedroom can bring back memories from the journey or take us to those places in the world where we spent nice and unforgettable moments.

The Map of the World for the Wall is an ideal proposal for wall decoration for people who love travelling, are interested in geography or just looking for original decorative solutions for their interiors.

Decorate your space with fashionable posters that will give each room a unique character.

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