kitchen knives

High-quality kitchen knives are an essential part of kitchen equipment. A good knife is a basic weapon of every cook, which guarantees quick and effective preparation and serving of the dishes he serves. Its quality determines not only the efficiency and comfort of the cook, but also the aesthetic appearance of the dish and even its taste. The wide range of FormAdore kitchen knives includes traditional, universal cook's knives as well as specialist knives for chopping herbs, cutting and peeling vegetables, filleting poultry or fish, for sushi, slicing, Sashimi, bread or cold cuts. Our offer includes both Japanese models created on the basis of hundreds of years of experience with the production of daggers and swords, German proposals, as well as models of the Italian Dream Factory, brand Alessi. As far as materials are concerned, FA offers both traditional, steel and ceramic proposals. Made of plastic, steel or wood, the handles of ergonomic shape will also allow you to choose a product that will fit a given kitchen design - whether raw, minimalist or warm, rustic, with wooden finishing elements. FormAdore also recommends blocks and sharpeners - both steel, ceramic and stone - which will help to ensure the proper condition and storage of the accompanying knives in the kitchen (available in a separate category). Design on a good knife blade! - in the FA!

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