Cable bins & holders

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The cable container and holders available in the following category, although they are not packed with electronics and the latest technology, will work wonders in the computer world! Whether it's a study, office or living room, the tangle of cables doesn't make a good impression on anyone, and the accessories presented here have everything to help. Larger and smaller cable bins will accommodate chargers, cable and cable reels and even extension cables, both in the home office, in the living room (under the shelf with TV) and in a modern office building. Cable holders, on the other hand, will keep your desk, bedside table or tabletop tidy, putting an end to the problem of falling cables once and for all. Thanks to the design of various materials and available colours, the offered containers can be easily matched to the colour scheme or interior design, depriving them of the wild tangle of cables of such dubious charm.

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