Plate placemats

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Disc pads are accessories that fulfil many functions. First of all, they are a perfect protection of the table against all kinds of dirt (also those caused by placing hot cups or platters on a wooden table top). At the same time they do not cover the whole table top, so we can still enjoy the beauty of the table top. The pads also work well in case of eating by the youngest inhabitants, who can be extremely wasteful when it comes to food. Designed with great care, the plate pads offered in our shop will become an additional decoration of the table, delighting with their shape, glitter of laser cut steel or colorful graphics. These accessories can also become an element of the table top arrangement, adding a luxurious character to it (Alessi's steel proposals or Eva Solo and Ćmielów Design porcelain trays will work particularly well in this role). Felt plate pads by Menu are a perfect story for interiors in the Scandinavian climate. FormAdore invites you!

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