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Gifts... Better to give or receive them? Or maybe it's worth it to pamper others as well as yourself? Not from today it is known that FormAdore is a real mine of gifts, which, although diverse, have one thing in common - beautiful design. To make it easier to navigate the maze of our product categories, we have created separate gift lists, divided into different criteria. If you're looking at your budget, look at our gift categories up to 50 PLN, up to 100 PLN... And if it's easier for you to look for a gift thinking about the recipient, check out the gift ideas for your mom, a gift for your friend, a gift for your boss... Or maybe a special occasion is coming? Then it is worth to look at our proposals for Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts or birthday presents.

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Juicy Salif Citrus squeezer

74,51 €

Juicy Salif Citrus squeezer

Edison The Petit Table lamp

75,82 €

Edison The Petit Table lamp