Uni Classic Photo album medium

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Product description


Medium album from the Uni Classic series   Semikolon brand is a product made of the highest quality materials: hand sewn, upholstered with a solid cover covered with linen fabric and equipped with 80 pages made of thick Efalin paper in light beige. Each page is separated by thin, acid-free satin paper to protect photographs. In such an album you can put any standard photo format and attach them to each page with the help of special corner stickers. You will create in it a unique photo gallery: family, from trips and distant trips, from your youth and your children's childhood. In addition, such a nobly made album will look beautiful on a shelf or in a glazed dresser - all you have to do is open it and your memories will come back. It's much simpler than looking for photos saved somewhere on your computer! The more that the album is also a tactile experience: the roughness of the cover, the smoothness of the paper and the shiny surface of the photos create an archive of aesthetic sensations. Inside you will also find an envelope for smaller photos or a note about the album's content. The best part is that the album is available in many different colors .
The main idea of the paper products of the German brand Semikolon is simplicity and a wide, modern color palette. The specially designed color system allows you to constantly expand your collection with new products: photo albums, notebooks, folders, binders and boxes. Thanks to this, the company's products create harmonious sets that are worth showing off when presenting them on a shelf or in a glass cabinet.
Available versions:
  • Uni Classic Photo album medium navy blue, Uni Classic Photo album medium black, Uni Classic Photo album medium burgundy, Uni Classic Photo album medium heavenly blue, Uni Classic Photo album medium lime, Uni Classic Photo album medium turquoise, Uni Classic Photo album medium grey, Uni Classic Photo album medium red




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cardboard, paper


21.60 cm (8.5 in)


25.50 cm (10.04 in)






Semikolon 2021 catalogue

PDF • 10,28 MB

SEMIKOLON_2020 catalogue

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More about this product

Do you know that feeling when you pull a ribbon-tied box full of old photos from your grandma's drawer? Or when you find in a drawer of an old desk in my aunt's house a notebook with homemade tincture recipes, bread recipes and life tips? This feeling of "time found", of regaining a previously unknown or lost memory ...

Semikolon , or "semicolon", is a German brand that makes it possible to record memories on paper in the most charming way possible: in carefully made notebooks, notebooks, photo albums and travel journals.

One could ask the question: who else is taking notes and developing photos today? Who uses the semicolon ?! And yet, handwriting thoughts, drawing ideas on paper napkins in a cafe is the domain of creative people. So why not try and start creating your own story of life and imagination?

Semikolon, or writing down memories in the colors of the rainbow

If you are still hesitating, Semikolon stationery will make all the uncertainty pass! It is a company that offers a wide range of products, available in a beautiful color palette (as many as 13 colors!), Which is really hard to resist ...

Semikolon is a love of the classics, it is a return to the past ... but with a modern twist. Beautiful notebooks, photo albums, and even boxes and binders are distinguished by careful workmanship. Their trademark is the creamy rim adorning the "Die Kante" series (German for "rant").

How to choose Semikolon products so that they are useful and constitute a successful decoration?

  • choose the series that best suits your style - you can choose from the Die Kante, Mucho, Leporello or Interno collections;
  • choose one color or 2-3 colors from a given palette for the products you are interested in: photo albums, folders, notebooks;
  • remember to choose the colors from the palette as close to each other as possible, e.g. sunny yellow with burgundy or pink with burgundy.

“This is the case with our past. It is hidden (...) in some material object that we cannot imagine. It depends on the case whether we meet this item ... "

Marcel Proust

Semikolon, or stylish details

Each product marked with a semicolon is one-of-a-kind and unique. Different thicknesses of the paper used, traditional sewing and simple, mesmerizing patterns are the values that guide the Semikolon brand. The color palette of products has been designed in such a way that it is easy to choose harmonizing colors. Various shades of blue or green or subdued beige with black and gray - such composed albums and notebooks will create a stylish decoration on the shelf.

Semikolon, or hundreds of possibilities

Boxes, photo albums and office accessories - all available in 13 colors ! Can you imagine how many possibilities this gives? The brand's offer includes both beautiful albums - in various sizes, with various types of connections (sewn or with a metal spiral), with decorative ribbons, as well as travel notebooks with handmade paper sheets , with decorated edges or equipped with a pencil.

The multitude of formats and colors offered by Semikolon makes the organization of family photos, office accessories and documents child's play, and at the same time having fun. It's hard not to fall for the charm of these rainbow colored paper products!

Customer opinions (13)

Average rating:
4.8/5.0Share your opinion
  • Mariusz L17/12/2020 r.
    The album itself is nice and seems to be durable, the colours as in the picture, however, the big minus is the lack of the corner stickers mentioned in the description to use the album. The album loses many of its advantages without the use of the above mentioned stickers, which in turn are difficult to access and at a price of several dozen percent of the album's price.
  • Zuza, Łódź17/10/2020 r.
    A beautiful album, high quality paper and workmanship. It is not only a catcher of memories but also an elegant interior decoration.
  • Aga18/09/2020 r.
    The albums are beautiful. I'm going to buy more.
  • A.Rąbca3/09/2020 r.
    I'm very pleased. Very solid workmanship.
  • Śliwka z Warszawy13/08/2020 r.
    Beautiful !
  • Edyta, Łódź30/07/2020 r.
    The album fully met my expectations, and now it will become part of the exhibition. It looks very noble in its minimalism. I highly recommend it :)
  • Śliwka z Warszawy16/07/2020 r.
    A beautiful album in very good quality
  • Ania z Białegostoku12/07/2020 r.
    Beautifully made album. The live colour looks even better than in the picture! It joined the grey album of the same company :)
  • Alicja2/07/2020 r.
    A beautiful album. I recommend it.
  • S.28/05/2020 r.
    The album is very nicely made. The cards are thick, in a nice shade of ecru, burgundy cover very stylish. It will surely be a great souvenir.
  • Michalina27/02/2020 r.
    Product as described. Beautiful greyness.
  • mp6/02/2020 r.
    superlative quality
  • Joanna z Warszawy29/11/2018 r.
    The album is beautiful and amazingly made. Simple, classic, great quality,
    timeless. I totally recommend it!
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