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Foonka is a brand whose bedding and textile accessories are easy to recognize. The Polish brand has taken inspiration for its products from the longing for a peaceful life in the countryside, blissful 'doing nothing' and lying in a haystack. The creators of the brand, Małgorzata and Marcin from Dizeno Creative, offer in their catalogue home textiles decorated with extremely realistic photographs showing hay, straw and moss. The products are dominated by magnificent linens from the Hayka collection, guaranteeing a peaceful sleep 'close to nature', with decorative pillows, tablecloths and treads with Foon's logo - a fast and agile squirrel. The company's products are not only promises of idyllic relaxation, but also a design full of surprises - among the hay you will find a ladybird, and in the straw a mouse or a needle. What does moss hide? Check it out for yourself!

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