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Umbra is a world-famous brand producing funny, ingenious and intriguing elements of kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom equipment, as well as original wall decorations and clocks, or world-famous shelves for Conceal books. The brand was born 31 years ago, when graphic designer Paul Rowan couldn't find a curtain for the window to his new apartment, he made one himself. The project was so successful that others liked it too.

It was from the window curtain, the first product, that UMBRA took its name - ("umbra" Latin "shadow"). Since then, UMBRA has become a world leader with over 3 thousand accessories for modern interiors. UMBRA products are available in 90 countries worldwide. Umbra's flagship products include a nice Buddha hero, appearing in a range of accessories, a popular slat with Flip hangers, and an extremely rich collection of photo frames. Umbra products are also a perfect idea for an original gift, which will surprise you with its design and functionality! With an American greeting from Umbra!

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Cappa Paper towel holder

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Cappa Paper towel holder

Cubiko Shower shelf

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Cubiko Shower shelf