The Scanpan brand is a well-known and respected Danish manufacturer of pots, pans and other kitchen accessories, whose unique features ensure the satisfaction of both professional and home cooks around the world. The brand was founded in 1956 in Denmark (where all products from this manufacturer's catalogue have been produced to date) and has since then specialised in the manufacture of aluminium cookware with a patented ceramic-titanium coating. The hand cast aluminium (100% recycled) and coated with this coating is ten times harder than steel and allows the use of metal kitchen accessories - spatulas, forks, spikes, etc. - without the risk of scratching the vessel. The health-safe non-stick coating Green Tek (the world's first non-stick coating to contain PFOA and PFOS compounds), on the other hand, allows for real fat-free cooking while preventing it from sticking to the surface. The patented production process of the bakelite handles is based on a handle pin, which is cast together with the dish and guarantees their durability.

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