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The design is unruly... a goat. The German brand Koziol has been proving for years that design cannot be taken too seriously. Modern, funny designs of everyday objects will colour your kitchen, bathroom, living room or garden and at the same time, thanks to their functionality, you will want to have them always at hand. Unusual shapes, bold colours and clever solutions guarantee that you will be friends with them quickly. All of them are made of durable plastic and prove that clever design means functionality in the first place: hence the unbreakable glasses, reusable Tasche bags ideal for shopping instead of foils or comfortable kitchen accessories.

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History and philosophy of the Koziol brand

The Koziol brand, whose name was created from the name of the company founder Stephan Koziol, is a German brand producing interior and kitchen accessories, which will appeal to all those who appreciate a sense of humour and everyday objects that fit into the category of applied arts. According to the philosophy of the brand, which is best reflected in the Art At Work slogan, a brush is just a brush... Unless it is a brush of the Koziol brand, whose all products have a unique personality, climate and character. Thanks to its unique design, high practicality and functionality and the highest quality plastic, from which the company's products are made, they do not lie deep in cabinets and do not overgrow with dust, but they help their users in a number of household chores, color their interiors, make them laugh and provoke them to play and meet with friends.

Koziol brand offer

The wide offer of the German brand includes decorative elements of interior decoration - clocks, storage racks, jewellery racks, stools or trash bins. An extremely important part of the Living collection is a rich collection of lamps with famous Stella, Josephine or Orion lamps at the forefront and the Spheres line - a collection of decorative panels that will help to delineate zones in the interior, enriching them with intriguing shapes and vivid colours. The series of products collected under the Garden name will invite the design signed with the brand logo to the garden, and the Goat Bath collection will allow to equip the bathroom with all the necessary, practical and at the same time cheerful and charming accessories