Guzzini is a family-run Italian company founded in 1912 by Enrico Guzzini, who started a small revolution in household appliances by starting to produce Plexiglas accessories. With the advent of the acrylic casting technology and the start of collaboration with creative minds such as Luigi Massoni in the 1960s, Raimondo Guzzini opened the company to new solutions and production concepts. This development of technology allowed the brand's designers to create plastic products that resemble glass or porcelain products in terms of colour, texture and appearance. The brand's offer includes both functional kitchen products (cutting boards, grates, kitchen containers, cutlery containers and organizers, grates, squeezers, etc.) and also a series of tableware and food processors, kettles, toasters, etc. Lovers of Italian style and elegance will also be delighted with lightweight furniture and decorative accessories for living rooms and bedrooms. Straight from sunny Italy!

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