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Since 1991, Lexon has been giving its fans unusual everyday objects, developed and co-created by the most famous designers in the world. The brand's trademarks are unique design, high functionality and excellent workmanship. The LEXON brand was created out of love for everyday objects and the beauty of the things around us. From the very beginning, LEXON has been faithful to its ideas, focusing on the quality, originality and functionality of its products, which are as friendly to the environment as to people. Thanks to this, the products of this manufacturer are known and appreciated all over the world and can be admired in many modern art museums. Apart from a wide range of office accessories, Lexon also proves that radio receivers will not be forgotten! Designed by the brand, however, radios are a modern version of traditional models. To meet the needs of the modern user, who lives in a constant hurry and rush, a series of portable small size products was created, which are made of very durable materials. They can be listened to everywhere (even in the shower and on the beach), and their low weight makes them easy to carry. Apart from mobility, a great advantage of radio receivers, as well as other products of this manufacturer, is a wide range of forms - we can choose from models in retro, modern, design or more classic style and colours.

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