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Nothing enlivens the walls of a home more than souvenir photos of the family. Properly displayed, they will be a wonderful souvenir and a chronicle of the most important family events. It can be difficult to choose the best photos - and that's when multi-frames come in handy: for three photos, for four photos or for several photos. Traditional photo frames can be placed on a desk or shelf or hung on a wall. Enthusiasts of modern design solutions should pay attention to various types of photo stands and holders, which are 3D frames - they will allow photographs to be presented in an unobvious way, e.g. on the characteristic lines used in photographic darkrooms.

In FormAdore, you will find photo frames in all the most popular sizes, including 10x15, 13x18 and 15x21.

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For the one and only or for several loved ones

Great as a gift

Single frames and frames that hold a single photo will be a great choice if you are looking for a small gift for a loved one or want to display that one photograph that is most important to you. You can also use simple, single frames to create an original combination on your wall or shelf. Such combinations look great, for example, in the space above the stairs, which is usually difficult to arrange. In FormAdore you will find frames designed for photos in all the most popular sizes: 10x15, 13x18, 15x21 or 20x25.

A way to personalise your space

Larger frames, the so-called multi-frames, which allow for the presentation of several or even more than a dozen photos, can serve as a picture or a poster on the wall. If you hang it above your desk or work table, it can also become an organiser of sorts, holding not only your photos, but also leaflets, newspaper cuttings, entrance tickets, invitations or drawings. In this way, you will create a truly personalised space.

Classics and inspiring shapes

Universal simplicity

Most photos have a rectangular or square format. Classic photo frames have a similar shape - the geometric form is the most universal. And among the most popular frame colours are white photo frames. It could be said that these types of frames are incapable of surprising us with anything, but this is not true! Even the simplest photo frame in a muted colour can attract attention if it is carefully crafted from high-quality materials.

High-quality materials

Wooden frames in natural colours will warm up your interior and are ideal for Scandinavian or vintage style flats. Metal frames will suit modern and minimalist interiors, while plastic frames can look good in any interior, if skilfully selected.

A variety of forms and shapes

As an alternative to traditionally shaped frames, there are intriguing, eye-catching photo stands, hangers and displays. Most often, they have the character of a multi-frame containing several photographs and are distinguished by their spatial construction, or 3D form. Such three-dimensional 'frames' impress with the ingenuity of their designers - they can take the form of cords fitted with paper clips or flexible wires with clips. Such imaginative photo framing is a great way to choose a photo frame for the children's room.

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