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They keep it in check, protect it, decorate it. The pots and flowerbeds you will find in FormAdore will take great care of your flowers and plants. When it comes to pots, you'll find the ones you're looking for here, such as balcony pots, Ceramic flowerpots, as well as pots on the rack. You can also look for them on the basis of aesthetic considerations in categories such as white pots, black pots, even Gold!

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2 pcsHübsch 671105 Flowerpot covers 2 pcs

81,58 €

Hübsch 671105 Flowerpot covers 2 pcs

Multi-Color Flowewrpot cover

51,39 €

Multi-Color Flowewrpot cover

Shell Flowerpot

99,78 €

Shell Flowerpot

Ferm Living(1)
    Shell Flowerpot

    99,78 €

    Shell Flowerpot

    Ferm Living(1)
2 pcsHübsch 850601 Flowerpot 2 pcs

201,28 €

Hübsch 850601 Flowerpot 2 pcs

Deco Pot Hanging flowerpot black

79,66 €

Deco Pot Hanging flowerpot black

Ferm Living
2 pcsHübsch 900904 Flowerpot 2 pcs

150,96 €

Hübsch 900904 Flowerpot 2 pcs

2 pcsHübsch 670810 Flowerpot 2 pcs

57,39 €

Hübsch 670810 Flowerpot 2 pcs

2 pcsHübsch 990903 Planter box stand 2 pcs

322,05 €

Hübsch 990903 Planter box stand 2 pcs

2 pcsHübsch 671104 Flowerpot 2 pcs

53,53 €

Hübsch 671104 Flowerpot 2 pcs

2 pcsHübsch 670806 Flowerpot 2 pcs

36,40 €

Hübsch 670806 Flowerpot 2 pcs

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Flowerpots and flowerbeds have a double role: practical and decorative. It is the best place for potted flowers, but also a beautiful decoration of our gardens, terraces, balconies and interiors.

Pots and casings - practical decoration for home and garden

Flowerpots and covers Hidden inside beautiful potted plants is a simple and quick way to beautify your terrace, garden or interior. At FormAdore you will find a wide range of pots made from different materials that vary in shape, colour and size.

You can choose between small and large flowerpots, high and low, square, round or rectangular flowerpots for the windowsill, garden, terrace or balcony. However, in addition to the standard blocks, we also offer recently very fashionable pots in geometric shapes, e.g. in the form of a cylinder, cone or pyramid. A specific model balcony pots whether it is worthwhile to adapt the house not only to the arrangement of the space, but also to a particular type of plant. For example, round models that limit the growth of the root system are the best pots for cacti. In small containers, on the other hand, orchids, which have very simple and delicate root systems, feel great.

The ornamental flowerpots also differ in form. You'll find both rack-mounted models and hanging pots here.A flowerpot on a stand placed in the living room by the chest of drawers, in the dining room or in the corner of the bedroom will look very dignified and chic. In turn, the wall-mounted flowerpots, which have been very popular recently, are a perfect choice for small rooms.

An interesting proposal, especially for the kitchen or dining room, are the herb pots. After all, nobody adds taste and aroma to dishes as fresh and aromatic herbs grown by themselves. Mint, thyme, basil or lovage tree displayed in tasteful pots will be an original decoration of the windowsill, but also of the terrace and the garden.

When choosing pots for a particular interior design or garden arrangement, it is worth taking care to create a stylistically coherent whole. That is why you can find here both modern and traditional flowerpots, which delight with their diverse colours. White pots and black pots, but also grey or navy blue models are ideal for minimalists, in turn golden pot It will certainly appeal to lovers of splendour and original solutions.

Pots for the living room and garden made of high quality materials will add attractiveness to the plants planted in it and will be a unique decoration of the space.

Flowerpots with an irrigation system - intelligent and functional

The self-watering, intelligent flowerpot is the ideal solution especially for people who forget to water their flowers regularly or are rarely at home, so that they cannot take proper care of their plants. The biggest advantage of the intelligent flowerpots is the continuous irrigation system, which makes it unnecessary to water the flowers regularly on your own. All you have to do is pour the right amount of water once in a while into a special container. Then the irrigation system will bring as much water as they need to the roots of the plants. Pots with irrigation system This is also ideal during hot weather, when the plants need constant access to the water source.

Ceramic, metal or maybe cement pots?

In our shop you will find pots made of different materials. Aesthetic and natural clay pots, which are very stable due to their weight, are very popular. Ceramic flowerpots They perfectly protect the roots of plants both against frost and overheating. Moreover, they keep moisture quite well and are thermally stable. Pots made of ceramics are a perfect solution for the home, as well as for the balcony or garden.

We also offer stylish, durable and resistant to mechanical damage metal pots. Made of the highest quality materials, the metal pots are a great decoration of modern, Scandinavian and industrial interiors, gardens or balconies.

Concrete pots are an interesting proposal, which are characterized by stability, high strength and resistance to damage and adverse weather conditions, as well as an unusual design. Original concrete containers are a perfect idea for flowerpots for your home or garden.

Flowers - a perfect way to showcase flowers in the home and garden

A florist is a striking flower container or accessory that allows you to showcase your plants in a beautiful and safe way. Many people wonder how to make a flowerbed, but we have a solution for you! These beautiful and stylish flowerbeds are available from FormAdore and are ideal for your plants.

Room flower pots are available in standing and hanging versions. The wall-mounted flower head is a perfect solution for people who want to enjoy the beauty of plants, but do not have enough free space to place the impressive cascade flower head on the floor.

The flowerbeds we offer are made of high quality materials and differ in size and colour. In the interior decorated in a modern style, a classic, traditional, although not devoid of elegance, white or black flowerbed will look beautiful. A modern flowerbed, delightful with its minimalist design and simple form, will allow you to organize the vegetation in your home and garden in such a way that the flowers placed in it will look beautiful and modern.

Stylish stand-up flowerbed or hanging will highlight the charm of the plants placed in it. A striking, eye-catching tall flowerbed is a remarkable decoration that will work in any room of the house, whether in the living room, bedroom or hallway, but also in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. Therefore, in addition to the room models, you will find here solid and resistant to changing weather conditions - garden flowerbeds.

When presenting the offer of flowerbeds, it is hard not to mention the models from the Ferm Living Plant Box collection.The Ferm Living Metal Flower Box has many functions, as you can buy a container, cap or tray. This makes a seemingly ordinary flowerbed for the living room an ingenious and interesting place to store books, magazines or various trinkets. The Ferm Living flowerpot stand is a simple, yet designer and original product that will highlight the character of any interior.

A wide range of stylish flowerpots and flowerbeds allows them to suit not only the type and size of plants grown, but also the arrangement of the garden, terrace, living room or other room in the house, making our interiors beautiful and cosy.

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