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Welcome to the table! Raw wooden table top has its charm, but if you care about the festive effect, the answer is one - the tablecloth. A table without a tablecloth is like a cake without a cherry. A tableware, even the most beautiful one, placed directly on the table top, does not look as impressive as on a stylish tablecloth.

Modern tablecloths are usually stain-resistant and easy to care for - you don't have to worry that they will get damaged at too high a wash temperature. Rectangular tablecloths are the most popular, but round ones are also very popular. The fabric for the tablecloth should be durable and at the same time pleasant to the touch and pretty. Therefore, the most is tablecloths and linen tablecloth. At FormAdore, you will also find suggestions for special occasions, which are Christmas tablecloths.

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There is nothing like a beautifully covered table! At FormAdore we are well aware of this, so we offer a wide range of tablecloths for every occasion. You will also find tableware and decorative elements napkins whether practical and stylish Plate pads.

Christmas tablecloths - elegance at the highest level

Gala meetings at the table require a unique setting, which is why our offer includes Christmas treads, which will work well during both Christmas Eve dinner and Easter breakfast. However, this does not prevent you from using them for lunch or dinner on another, but equally important occasion. As far as Easter tablecloth is concerned, it is worth betting on an option with motifs referring to this celebration, such as Easter eggs. For lovers of classics, we recommend a grey or white tablecloth for this occasion. The subdued covers will also prove to be a perfect decoration for Christmas Eve dinner. FormAdore also has other treads that are especially suitable for Christmas tablecloths. Look out for dark green or red with Christmas tree or snowflake motifs. We offer proven goods of the highest quality materials that will serve you for a long time. You will find here stain-resistant tablecloths to get rid of unwanted dirt quickly.

Modern tablecloths for the table - every day and since the holiday

For Christmas meetings with your loved ones you always choose elegant tablecloths for the table, but every day you look for original solutions that will make your meals special? Then you couldn't have come any better. At FormAdore you'll find modern tablecloths for the living room and more that will make your arrangement more appealing. The brand's collection The seal includes table treads that will make you feel like you're in nature at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The moss motif will allow you to move to a forest clearing, and straw and hay will bring to mind a holiday in the countryside, preferably during the harvest! For lunch with your household members, you can also choose a white tablecloth and decorate it with colourful accents - a modern classic will always be appreciated.

And who said you can't bring a little freshness to Christmas too? We assure you that cotton tablecloth with a hay theme will look beautiful on a table filled with Christmas dishes.

Colorful tablecloths - just right for the terrace!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a tablecloth because you are planning a dinner on the terrace or a barbecue on the plot, bet on a colourful product that will highlight the informal tone of the meeting. As a garden tablecloth, the brand's proposal will be perfect. Seletti. Humorous graphics will entertain your friends and relax the atmosphere. You can also opt for a linen tablecloth, which is perfectly suited to wooden garden furniture. For informal meetings at the barbecue, paper tablecloths also work well. Are you afraid that the tablecloth will blow in the wind during a meeting in nature? Here we come to your aid, too, as you'll find weights for the tablecloth at FormAdore that won't let it get too active! Whether it's an oval or rectangular tablecloth, a Christmas tread or a barbecue meeting - check out our suggestions and choose the best one for yourself!

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