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When serving delicious dishes, don't forget about the important addition - chic. Good design stimulates the appetite, you know that not from today! Therefore, if you want to prepare a table for a special occasion, you must remember a few important elements: elegant a tablecloth, napkins and napkin rings.

The napkin rings have primarily a decorative function. They maintain . napkins in a neat and practical roll, preventing them from developing. Napkin rings come in different shapes - at FormAdore, you'll even find one that looks like rolled up palm leaves! If you want your Easter or Christmas Eve table to look special, napkin rings are absolutely essential.

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4 pcsBloomingville Napkin rings golden 4 pcs

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Bloomingville Napkin rings golden 4 pcs

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Dressed For X-mas Napkin rings 2 pcs


Elegant tableware and delicious dishes are not enough if we want to prepare a meeting at the table at the highest level. To conjure up a unique atmosphere during a meal, it is also worth betting on original and impressive accessories such as: candlesticks,vases,napkins or napkin rings. The latter, also known as napkin rings, are small details that can evoke great admiration among invited guests and household members.

Napkin rings - solid workmanship and original design

In our offer you will find napkin rings of many renowned brands made of various materials. Bone napkin rings are a perfect complement to rustic styling, and brass rings will look beautiful on the table with retro,
glamour or Scandinavian tableware. A real "dot over and over" at a party decorated in a modern style can become table rings made of stainless steel. Elegant, glittering accessories of this kind look impressive on both white and colourful tablecloths. Our offer also includes a selection of napkin rings from the Banana Family collection - a great option for a table accessory, which was prepared especially for a birthday party for a child or dinner with friends in a loose edition. Among the proposals you will also find napkin rings, which will be especially suitable for special occasions, such as Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas dinner. The motif of a bow or palm leaf will look perfect on a table covered with a red or dark green tablecloth.

Napkin rings ideal for many occasions - you will find them at FormAdore

Presented rings will allow you to display on the table both cloth napkins, as well as paper napkins. We have prepared proposals of products of many shapes - both round, slightly rounded squares and irregular ones, so you can easily
choose an article that suits your expectations. Napkin rings can be purchased in sets, packed in two, four or even six pieces. If you have already chosen napkins and napkin rings for your table, think about choosing a napkin. This is a good lifeline for guests who have already used their napkins and need them to wipe their faces or hands. You will find napkins that fit many styles in our offer. Choose functional accessories and have a sophisticated party so that every guest will feel at home or in the garden like in an elegant restaurant.

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