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Keep your things with your head to keep the house in order. Proper storage protects your items from damage, dust and forgetfulness. At FormAdore you will find stylish and functional storage boxes, that will become a decorative element of your home decoration. Replace boring boxes with a real design!

You can store it not only in traditional boxes. If you care about the decorative effect, storage bins will be like he found it. Especially popular are metal baskets. In turn Chests They can be useful for old magazines or albums - their advantage is that they can be stacked on top of each other. Hide your finer items in special storage containers e.g. plastic and transparent - then you can see at first glance what you've put into them before.

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2 pcsPulp Box Boxes 2 pcs

$ 50.69

Pulp Box Boxes 2 pcs

Ferm Living
Trick And Treat Multipurpose container

$ 208.10

Trick And Treat Multipurpose container

Officina Alessi
Zina Newspaper rack

$ 58.29

Zina Newspaper rack