DIY gift basket. A gift from the heart in 6 ways

When the chocolates and coffee are gone... We're disenchanting the gift baskets!

A gift basket

is an item with which most of us don't have positive associations. It brings to mind a "stiff" business gift, which we order quickly through one of many websites offering ready-made baskets.

Nowadays, the classic gift baskets are becoming a thing of the past. And very well! If any of you has ever been given such a gift basket, you will surely remember your first thought - "Oh, I don't think anyone here had a gift idea!".

Let's leave the gift basket for a moment and focus on its idea itself - a gift that consists of many smaller gifts, and its packaging is also a part of the gift. Sounds good, right? At FormAdore we believe there is a potential in gift baskets. However, they require a little 'disenchantment', refreshment and, above all, personalisation.

the DIY handmade gift basket do it yourself

Creating a gift basket is a lot of fun. Choose, compose, sorth through, complete, decorate...

Those gifted with gift baskets unanimously admit that the greatest disadvantage of this type of gifts is its mediocrity. The average content of the basket consisting of chocolates, soaps and alcohol suggests that the sender of the gift completely does not know the recipient.

In FormAdore, we decided to disenchant the idea of a gift basket for good reason. It will inspire you to create something unique, original and designer like. Let yourself be convinced:

  1. DIY gift basket is ecological and economical. Its contents are not wrapped in foil. All the elements of the gift are reusable, including the packaging itself, i.e. the basket. Hm, it's probably zero waste, right? :)
  2. The handmade gift basket can be personalized from A to Z. The better you know its future recipient, the easier it will be for you to compose it. Most importantly, there is nothing unnecessary in such a "personal" gift basket.
  3. The homemade gift basket has a unique character. It is one of a kind! You can be sure that there is no other one of its kind in the whole world. Unless you copy its content in detail from our guide :) However, we are counting on your own creative invention, because who knows the birthday boy best if not you?
  4. The personal gift basket is one of the handmade gifts that are most appreciated by all birthday people. The DIY gift basket guarantees the smile of the recipient and... makes other guests envious of your original gift idea.

Solid base, i.e. packaging (not necessarily a basket!)

kids concept gift box do it yourself decorative
round decorative gift boxes for handmade

The rules are made for...

breaking them! That's why we turn the idea of the "gift basket" upside down at the beginning and suggest a little change. Let go of the classic wicker basket and put on something unusual, such as a decorative round box or colourful... container. Leave the wicker basket for autumn mushroom picking :)

♥ Think outside the box ♥

We have chosen a few especially decorative boxes and containers from our offer. No gift has such a packaging; it is ecological and elegant. You can fill the selected box with hay and tie it with a ribbon to emphasize its gift character.

If you insist

on sticking to the idea of using a traditional basket, then no problem with that - you'll find a basket in our offer too. A traditional one, e.g. a wicker, a rattan or a seagrass or a modern metal basket (a wire one).

How about...

A beautiful basket can be a gift in itself. To make the gift more elegant, it is worth filling it with a bouquet of fresh flowers beforehand.
flower basket birthday gift basket
wicker baskets wickerwork basket gift idea

We're filling up the basket!

Are you ready?

We have the most interesting stage of building a 'home' gift basket. If you've already done a decent research on the tastes and preferences of the birthday boy, it will be much easier for you to fill your basket.

But if you belong to a part of humanity that has no idea about buying gifts, or simply hates it, here we come - FormAdore: we have caused many tears of happiness thanks to your dream tea service, as well as many radiant smiles with the help of the designer vases and many cries of admiration thanks to an incredibly stylish desk organizer. Just trust us.

Gift basket no. 1 - Verona


The Verona set was created for romantics/dreamers/idealists/Don Quixotes. It contains a lot of positive emotions, a lot of warmth and cordiality and a bit of melancholy, apart from a lot of romanticism. Ideal for the ones walking in the clouds...


How to hunt for romantically embodied souls? Let's put the items inside, beautifully! Of course they can be practical, but let's be honest - do dreamers appreciate functional gifts? Not necessarily.

FormAdore hint

Put something fragrant, such as dried flower petals, into the gift basket for a romantic person.

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Basket number 2 - Mmm


You may have guessed by the name of the set Mmm, that it is intended for people who love to eat, above all else. They enjoy every dish, close their eyes while eating and of course make interesting sounds of approval... for example, "mmm"!


How do you steal the heart of a gourmet birthday boy? I think you know the answer to that question. The gift basket for the gourmet should be filled with what he loves the most, namely, the appetizing aromas and flavours...but wait, does that imply sugar? After all, the birthday is only once a year :)

FormAdore hint

Throw a handful of colourful mini-dollies in the gift basket for the gourmet person.

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Basket number 3 - Less is More


The Less is More gift basket is a perfect gift idea for the followers of minimalism. If the birthday boy doesn't have porcelain elephants on a shelf, the walls are not decorated with wallpaper, and he avoids all the ravages like fire...'s very possible that this person is following the "less is more" principle.


Just because the birthday boy is a minimalist doesn't mean we have to give him an empty basket. On the contrary, creating a gift set for a minimalist is more difficult than it seems. The choice of gifts must be as thoughtful as possible. There's no room for unnecessary accessories here.

FormAdore hint

Minimalists like simplicity and symmetry. The "gift basket" in their case should be a box, e.g. made from plain grey cardboard.

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Basket No. 4 - The bee


This set is designed for people who are on their feet 24 hours a day. What's more, they seem to have the power to stretch the day so that it lasts at least 36 hours - it's impossible that an ordinary day is enough for all that they do... Every one of us knows such a hardworking bee.


The best gift for work titans will be items that will improve their organization so that they can do even more things. The work titans are reluctant towards not very functional gifts. They love to get things that can be used immediately after unpacking.

FormAdore hint

A hard working person will be very happy if every element of the gift is useful, so pack your chosen gifts in a practical box with a closure. Leave the wicker basket for the romantics :)
Semikolon Self-adhesive cards

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Semikolon Self-adhesive cards


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Basket No. 5 - Zero Waste


Look out! You're walking on thin ice. It is a unique challenge to come up with a gift for a fierce ecologist. If you put some film, plastic or disposable items in the Zero Waste gift basket... it's very possible that the birthday boy will ask you to leave the birthday party surprised


We were joking about the party. It is true that composing a gift basket for a "green" person is not a piece of cake. But at the same time, it's fun to learn a lot and even swallow a zero waste bug and become one of the Mother Nature's warriors! Only natural products made from materials from sustainable cultivation should be included in such a basket. A green-hearted birthday boy will certainly pay attention to such "details".

FormAdore hint

In the case of the Zero Waste gift basket, it is better to let go of the decorative "hay", which is what the gifts are made of. Why? Because it's impractical and the birthday boy will have to throw it away - and we want to avoid that.

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Basket No. 6 - Jet Lag


The slightly deceitful name of this gift basket will be a great contrast to its 100% enjoyable content. The birthday boy will find all the nice things there! The Jet Lag basket was created for fearless travellers who are always on the road.


What will travellers enjoy? Of course, items that will be useful for their next trip! The gift must be practical, but let's not fool ourselves - when traveling, everyone wants to look good, so you have to remember about the nice look of a gift for a globetrotter too.

FormAdore hint

The base of the gift basket for the traveller should be a lightweight box or even a bag, so that the objects will not get in the way in the suitcase.

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We hope you've managed to discover your own gift idea. But if you still crave more ideas and inspiration...


ideas for original designer gifts


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