In 1970, Hans and Hannie Frie founded a company called Alma. It was considered to be one of the best in the world in the production of typical Dutch mechanical clocks. Then the company was joined by his son Alain, who initially worked in the production hall, so he knew exactly every aspect of making clocks. He realized that the industry was growing fast enough to replace traditional clocks with modern ones. This was the beginning of the changes that led to the transformation of Alma into Nextime. Today, NeXtime is a branded clocks manufactured by a Dutch company that is the leader of its industry in Europe. The company has subsidiaries in 12 countries, which together with representative offices sell the NeXtime collection in several dozen countries around the world. Individual NeXtime collections are created by independent designers, gaining a very original, modern design in the field of clocks, where the clock not only gives the possibility to measure time, but also constitutes a perfect element of interior design and decoration of the room. The company has more than 500 models of clocks in its offer, characterized by great diversity.

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