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Design allowed from the age of 18? Not at all! Let's introduce them to design from a very young age, because, as the well-known saying goes, " What a shell soaks in when you are young ...". Do not be afraid to surround your little one with original proposals from the world of design. Communing with beauty is not only pleasant, but also develops the imagination and sharpens the sense of aesthetics.

FormAdore will help you furnish your child's room, which will turn from an ordinary room into your child 's dream "Neverland", full of fantasy and colour. You will find children's design in the form of both "large" (e.g. children's furniture, rugs for children) as well as one that manifests itself in smaller objects, such as toy containers or children's clocks. We also have some suggestions for the smallest ones; you will find them in the category for babies. And if your little one's room is ready but needs a bit of a boost, check out the nursery decorations and lighting for children . Or maybe you're looking for a gift for your child? Then you will certainly be interested in the categories toys i children's books. Good luck with your education through design!

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Printworks Classic Chess set

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Printworks Classic Chess set

64 el.Collage Maker Collage making kit 64 el.

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Collage Maker Collage making kit 64 el.

3 el.NewAgnes Children's utensils 3 el.

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Agnes Children's utensils 3 el.

NewAgnes Kid's growth measuring stick

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Agnes Kid's growth measuring stick

NewIbber Huggie 184 cm giraffe

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Ibber Huggie 184 cm giraffe

NewMikki Storage basket 30 cm

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Mikki Storage basket 30 cm

Roar like a Lion Decorative glass

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Roar like a Lion Decorative glass

Villeroy & Boch
Walk like an Elephant Children's bowl

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Walk like an Elephant Children's bowl

Villeroy & Boch
Take Pencil case beige

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Take Pencil case beige

House Doctor
Magazyn FF

How do you decorate a child's room?

This seemingly simple question requires a longer answer. But no worries! The most important thing to remember is one golden rule - the room is for the child, not the other way around. Furnishing a child's room should meet a number of conditions. Above all, it must be safe in your little one's realm. We believe that even the most beautiful children's furniture or decoration is not suitable for a child's room if it raises safety concerns.

While it is easy to agree with the above principle, the second principle, which is equally important, can be hard for some parents to digest. A child's room must, above all, please its occupant. Here we would like to make an appeal - Mum, Dad, even if you love Scandinavian design and all shades of grey, don't try to subjugate it to your child's imagination. It's better to let it go and let your child have a real say in what fills their room.

What else do you need to keep in mind when decorating a child's room? Comfort and functionality, which very often go hand in hand. Every toddler should be able to rest in a pleasant environment after returning from nursery or school. Children's furniture should be comfortable and practical, and accessories such as hangers or containers for toys - lightweight and handy.

Children's room - inspiration

Are you looking for ideas for furnishing your child's room? FormAdore is here to help! Our "for children" assortment category has been carefully organised and logically sorted so that finding inspiration is as easy and pleasant as possible. In the individual categories, you will find further subcategories that will give you an overview of the children's assortment in the respective group.

Children's furniture

W children's furniture there are four subcategories. W children's chairs we have included all kinds of seats that are designed for the little ones. The word 'chairs' does not do justice to the suggestions you will find there.... Because can you call a chair a colourful, rocking dodo bird? Or a seat Piedras a boulder-shaped piece of furniture straight out of the world of the Flintstones? In children's furniture we have also included shelves and bookcases for children which will perfectly utilise the wall space and accommodate all books. A child's room will not be functional without a suitable desk or table so be sure to check out this subcategory too. After all, a toddler needs a suitable space for drawing and stacking blocks, and an older child for doing homework. In children's furniture, you will also find all kinds of hangers In children's furniture, you will also find all kinds of wall and stationary hangers to organise and tidy your child's toys, accessories and clothes.

And for parents with specific tastes, we have prepared the most popular types of assortment from the children's furniture category: white children's furniture and wooden furniture for children.

Decorations for the children's room

In our opinion, choosing decorations for the children's room is the most enjoyable stage of decorating a toddler's bedroom. There are so many possibilities that it can sometimes feel ... a little overwhelmed. The placement of some decorations requires careful thought, as their design is particularly expressive. Meanwhile, our excited little one pulls us by the sleeve and asks - "Let's take this, this and more!".

Let's start decorating the child's room from the general to the detail. First, let's choose a wallpaper or wall colour, then posters and larger wall decorations and, last but not least, the little things such as height measures and wall stickers. In FormAdore you will find all of these decorations for the children's room. We draw your attention to the particularly wide selection of posters for children among which your child will certainly find something extra.

Wall clocks for children have been placed in a separate category, but there is no denying that they have great design potential and therefore undoubtedly belong among the decorations in the children's room.

Carpets for children

Is it worth opting for a rug for your child's room? We are sure it is! The toddler's room will then look much cosier. A children's rug also has a protective function - it cushions the floor during wild frolics and prevents slipping on the floor. It's worth remembering to adhere the rug in your child's room with double-sided tape. We are fans of 3D children 's rugs, i.e. those that show a miniature world in three dimensions. Such children's rugs are not only a practical decoration, but also a fun element. Which, on top of that, you don't have to clean up :)

Children's bedding

In this category you will also find various types of bedding for children. They are made of top quality cotton, which is completely safe for your little one's skin and health. The prints adorning the children's bedding you'll find with us will win the heart of every little sleeper! The hyper-realistic ones, like those by Snurk allow your child to be anything they want to be - an astronaut, a jockey, a ballerina or even... a dinosaur. a dinosaur.

Children's lamps

Snap! Check out our suggestions for lamps for your child's room. To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've divided them into three subcategories. W children's table lamps we have included small products that will work well as lighting on a bedside table, on a desk or on a cabinet. If you are looking for something larger, see ceiling lamps for children. In wall lamps, on the other hand, there are perhaps the most imaginative lighting suggestions for the children's room - in the shape of animals or plants, for example.

Toy containers

Storing toys can give you a headache! At FormAdore we have thought about your nerves. That's why, alongside the categories with toys category category we have included practical storage containers. containers for toys.And it doesn't stop there! We have divided them into two types to make it even easier. W toy baskets you'll find roomy, practical baskets that are great for storing teddy bears and larger toys. And in toy boxesare typical toy boxes with lids, just right for children's treasures.

For babies

We have also thought about the smallest ones. With the help of FormAdore you can put together a stylish layette for your baby. We have organisers that will help you organise your newborn care accessories, nesting cushions, lots of soft cuddly toys soft cuddly covers, nappies... In a word, everything that will make a world that is suddenly turned on its head because of a little human being a little more accessible :)

School layette

Hey-ho, school would be going! Especially if you're well prepared for the September return between familiar walls. Check out our suggestions in the school kits.You will find pens and pens pens and pens, shoe bags, rucksacks, pencil cases, notebooks notebooks... In other words, everything a model pupil (or one who wants to become one!) needs.

Kitchen accessories for children

Design is not enough! Sometimes you also have to eat. But wait - can't the setting for a meal be just as charming as the rest of the interior? We believe it can! That's why you'll find lots of cute kitchen accessories for children. Colourful mugs cups with fairy tale characters, cute bowls and plates with interesting prints, handy cutlery small hands-friendly, comfortable and lightweight children's lunchboxes lunchboxes and ready-made dishes for children in the set.

Brands that children love

Scandinavian minimalism in a children's range? Why not! Just break it up with some fun accents. This is the talent of the designers at Done by Deer, ferm LIVING and Bloomingville. On the other hand, the crazy ideas of Italian Magis Me Too surprise even us... positively, of course :) In the assortment Follygraph you will find lovely posters for children, and to help you organise the space of your child's room, you will find products by 3 sprouts.

P.S. Also check out the category gifts for children.