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Design allowed since 18 years? Nothing like that! Let's get used to design from the very beginning, because as the well-known proverb teaches us - what a shell will soak up in a young age... Let us not be afraid to surround the little man with original proposals from the world of design. Communing with beauty is not only pleasant but also develops imagination and sharpens the sense of aesthetics.

FormAdore will help you to design your child's room, which will turn from an ordinary room into your child's dream 'Neverland', full of fantasy and colour. Here you will find a child's design in a form that is both "large" (e.g. "big") and "small". furniture for children, rugs for children) as well as the one that manifests itself in smaller objects, such as toy bins whether clocks for children. We also have some suggestions for the smallest ones; you will find them in the category for babies. And if your kid's room is ready, but it needs a slight "screw-up" check decorations for the nursery and lighting for children. Or are you looking for present for the baby? Then you'll certainly be interested in the categories toys i children's books. Good luck in education through design!

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Printworks Classic Chess set

45,93 €

Printworks Classic Chess set

Alexanders Seven Stones Kid's play blocks

17,58 €

Alexanders Seven Stones Kid's play blocks

Tryktrak Board game

80,66 €

Tryktrak Board game