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Appropriate interior lighting is one of the determinants of the atmosphere. Apart from its practical function, the lamp also has a decorative function. Hanging lamps are the most frequently chosen type of lighting - they warm up the interior, creating an intimate atmosphere, and also emphasize the advantages of a given space, determining the functional areas of a flat or house. The pendant lamp is therefore an element which cannot be passed by indifferently. Depending on your preferences and the style of your interior, choose an extravagant plafond from Foscarini, an industrial lampshade from the Menu or a Scandinavian lamp in simple form from Normann Copenhagen. You'll find plastic lamps that refract light beautifully in the Koziol brand, with which you'll move into a colourful retro world. For those who love world-class design, we recommend the Italian Kartell icons, such as Bourgie, Fly or Bloom. Full description

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Pendant lamps, right next to plafonds and recessed and surface-mounted luminairesare very popular, functional light fittings, which are perfect for the living room, bedroom, children's room, as well as the hallway, kitchen or dining room. Modern lamps for the living room, chandelier led or maybe a crystal chandelier? Which lighting fixture will you choose for your interiors?

Lamps with crystals, modern wall lamps, loft lamps ... - a wide range of pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are one of the most frequently chosen lighting fittings, which is due to their versatility and functionality. On the one hand they are On the other hand they can effectively illuminate any room.

Hanging lamps come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Industrial lamps, modern lamps, retro lamps or glamour lamps These are just a few examples of the lamps you'll find in our selection. Chandeliers also come in different colours. White hanging lamp is a perfect choice The white hanging lamp is a perfect choice for interiors arranged in Scandinavian, modern or minimalist style, in turn a gold hanging lamp or lamps with crystals will perfectly complement the interior decorated in glamour or retro style.

It is worth adding, that some of the pendant lamps are equipped with a special mechanism allowing to regulate their mounting height. Thanks to that the lamp can be installed at the height which suits us best.

Modern living room lamp, hanging lamp for dining room, bedroom, hall...

It is hard to imagine an interior design without the presence of hanging lamps Thanks to them the space gains not only attractiveness, but also functionality. Hanging lamps, depending on the needs, can perform various functions. They perfectly fulfil the role of They are perfect as central lighting, as well as additional or decorative.

A chandelier for the living room is a lamp which looks great hung above the relaxation area. Hanging lamps to the living room are designed to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in a place designed to relax and unwind. These types of chandeliers usually surprise with their size and captivating, original form. A chandelier with crystals or other decorations hung in this place will look extremely impressive.

Hanging lamps are a great type of lighting over the table in the living room, dining room or kitchen. Table lamps are an interesting decoration, but their main task is to illuminate the table perfectly. When choosing a table lamp you should first of all make sure to hang the fitting at the right height. The distance of lighting from the table should be about 70-90 cm. It should also be borne in mind that the lamp should illuminate the tabletop evenly and not dazzle people who sit at it. Therefore, it indicates, that the light over the table should be warm, diffused and not too strong. The best choice is chandeliers with shades pointing downwards.

Ceiling lamps modern, loft lampsand chandeliers with crystals in the glamour style are lighting fittings which are also used in other interiors. In the FormAdore offer you will also find chandelier for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway or the children's room. The hallway or the bedroom are rooms that require intensive lighting, that is why it is worth choosing a chandelier with an appropriate bulb that perfectly illuminates the space. On the other hand in the bedroom or in the children's room the best choice are hanging lamps, which create a cosy, intimate and intimate atmosphere.

Hanging lamps, apart from their obvious function, which is illuminating the space, are also a great decoration of the space. Thanks to a tasteful hanging lamp You can emphasise the style of the interior or, on the contrary, e.g. soften a raw room decorated in the industrial style.

Hanging lamps perfectly illuminate the space, thus improving the comfort of use, and they also perfectly warm up the interior, adding charm and an interesting, fashionable character. You're sure to find the perfect lamp for you from our wide selection, and if necessary you can take a look in our lamp accessories and complete the setting of your dreams by choosing by yourself lamp suspension and lamp bracket, lampshade i bulbs. Don't hesitate any longer, just use pendant lamps today to create a stylish and unique interior.