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Which trashcan to choose?

It seems that choosing the right trashcan is quite a simple task - nothing could be more wrong! Many people are unaware of how many types of trash bins there are. They need to be skilfully adapted to the size of the kitchen and pay attention to the material they are made of. The comfort of use and the possibility of installing or hanging the basket is also important.

There are 3 basic types of wastepaper and litter baskets for The kitchen: pedal baskets, push baskets and infrared baskets. The first ones are most often selected, which are opened with the pedal without touching the container by hand. In pedal baskets, the lid drops automatically, or you can lock the hinges to open it for longer. Another type are push baskets. They are characterized by a throw-in hole, they open with a light push and are equipped with a silent closing system. Push type baskets look aesthetic and are easy to clean. A modern solution is to equip the kitchen with infrared baskets, which open and close automatically thanks to a built-in sensor.

A separate type are waste sorting baskets. In a modern kitchen you can choose to built-in waste binsThe bins are placed in the drawer, trash binders for kitchen cabinets. It is also worth taking care of appropriate garbage bags and filters, which absorb unpleasant odours.

Most often waste bins are made of metal (stainless steel) or plastic (polypropylene). When choosing waste bins, one should pay attention to another issue, namely aesthetics. This is particularly important in the case of wastepaper and litter baskets for the bathroom and room, where these bins are usually visible.