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Quentin Tarantino once said that everyone can have their own theory about what was in the famous suitcase in Pulp Fiction; he just wanted to show that it was something beautiful. If it were up to us, there would be perfectly sorted jewellery in there - a phenomenon as beautiful as it is improbable.... unless you stock up on clever jewellery organisers at FormAdore!

Do you like to keep everything out in the open? Reach for jewellery racks or key and ring holders. Do you prefer to have your earrings always at hand? Check out our range of travel jewellery cases. Or maybe you want to make a face like Vincent when opening your suitcase every time you look at your collection? What you need is a jewellery casket. Men will be happy with watch boxes, while minimalists will enjoy elegant jewellery containers. There is something beautiful for everyone!

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Stackers Jewelry container drawer insert M

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Stackers Jewelry container drawer insert M

Stackers Jewelry container drawer insert L

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Stackers Jewelry container drawer insert L

NewCaesar Decorative tray

10,44 €

Caesar Decorative tray

NewOsea Decorative tray 28 cm antique brass

17,93 €

Osea Decorative tray 28 cm antique brass

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NewMarble Decorative tray

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Marble Decorative tray

NewTara Decorative tray 25,5 cm recycled

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Tara Decorative tray 25,5 cm recycled

2 pcsNewLilah Trays 11 cm brown 2 pcs

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Lilah Trays 11 cm brown 2 pcs

NewCleon Decorative tray 43 cm

145,28 €

Cleon Decorative tray 43 cm

NewDatura Decorative tray 24,5 cm

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Datura Decorative tray 24,5 cm

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How do I store my jewellery?

Chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and other trinkets require proper storage, which is not at all easy with so many different and small items. How can you store your valuables elegantly and conveniently while protecting them from damage? A variety of jewellery organisers come to the rescue.

Stylish jewellery boxes

Tired of earrings and tangled chains scattered everywhere? Designer jewellery boxes play an indispensable role in storing your precious ornaments. In FormAdore you will find round, rectangular, tube-shaped or box-shaped containers. We offer ceramic, porcelain as well as glass and transparent organisers which simultaneously protect and display the ornaments inside. We offer decorated containers as well as minimalist ones, with or without a lid. We are convinced that you will easily find a unique and stylish jewellery box, suitably adapted to your taste as well as your collection of trinkets.

Exclusive watch boxes

Are your watches lying untidy in a drawer in your dresser or wardrobe? It's high time to change that! Elegant watchboxes come to the rescue, allowing you to store your watches safely and securely, protecting them from scratches on the dial or wear and tear on the strap. The watch boxes impress with their design and high quality workmanship using the finest materials, such as wood or leather. Some of them are equipped with rotators for winding mechanical watches with automatic winding. The striking watch boxes can be placed in a prominent position in the bedroom, such as on a cupboard or dressing table, where they will be an additional decoration of the interior. Watch boxes are fashionable, modern and the best way to store your timepiece collection.

Decorative jewellery boxes

Jewellery boxes are practical and decorative organisers that allow you to store all your precious trinkets in an elegant and safe way. The caskets have many special compartments for rings, chains, pendants or bracelets, making it easy to find and keep your jewellery in order. The caskets vary in design, making it easy for everyone to choose the right casket to suit the size of their collection. They are also made of different materials. The charming wooden casket is the perfect solution for those who appreciate traditional solutions. A wooden jewellery box will look beautiful placed on a stylish dressing table, chest of drawers or desk. On the other hand, a glass jew ellery box is a perfect way to display ornaments while protecting them from damage and dust. Or perhaps your dream is to have your own jewellery drawer to hold all your chains, rings and pendants? At FormAdore you will find functional jewellery inserts that will help you arrange your jewellery drawer for your precious trinkets.

Original jewellery racks

Jewellerystands are another way, next to containers and caskets, to store jewellery aesthetically. Designer jewellery racks will fit in perfectly with the décor of any interior, at the same time making it an original decoration. The proposed racks are made of various materials and differ in shape and size. If you like wearing rings, choose a special ring holder. If you like original and non-standard solutions, a jewellery rack will certainly be to your liking. We offer stands made of plastic, e.g. in the shape of a tree or animals, as well as striking, steel or brass and minimalist jewellery stands. Display your ornaments on an original jewellery stand to keep your favourite jewellery organised and always at hand.

Functional jewellery and key holders

Forget about looking for a pair of earrings in the morning or untangling a chain or bracelet, and equip yourself today with a practical jewellery and key ring holder, which will help you keep your jewellery in order and at hand. The coasters on offer will also work well for your keys, phone, glasses, wallet and other everyday items, which will finally stop getting lost because they will always be in one specific place. The stylish jewellery and key holders are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of designs and colours, so you can easily match them to the style and character of your interior. A jewellery tray placed on a dresser in the hallway, a cabinet in the bathroom or a dressing table in the bedroom will provide an additional, original decorative accent.

Travel jewellery cases - aesthetic and practical

A handy jewellery case will prevent your expensive jewellery from getting lost in your suitcase or from getting tangled up. The travel jewellery case takes up very little space and has many compartments and pockets, so you can conveniently place earrings, chains, rings and other small items in it, thereby protecting them from scratches and other damage. Thanks to the practical case, you can be sure that chains, earrings or watches will not get lost in your suitcase or travel bag, but will remain safe, in one place, throughout your trip. The compact jewellery case will not only fit into your suitcase, but also into your handbag. A small travel organiser is ideal for holidays or business trips.

Elegant clip boxes

The best place for your cufflinks is in a special cufflinkbox with separate compartments, so you can be sure that no cufflink gets damaged or lost. We offer small cufflink boxes to take with you on trips, as well as spacious and even storied boxes for watches and other valuables in addition to your elegant cufflinks. Place your cufflinks in a dedicated box to enjoy their beautiful and chic appearance for a long time to come.

The elegant jewellery organiser will allow you to store your valuables safely, aesthetically and conveniently.

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