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With the Form Factory in your kitchen, everything will bake for you - perfectly even tart bottoms, cookies with fancy shapes.... We have everything you need to make baking and decorating cakes a pleasure. The cookie cutter moulds will allow you to cut out any shape you can think of, and once they're baked, they'll cool on the griddle to cool. A variety of baking accessories, including ceramic balls and pastry cutters, will become your best friends in the kitchen, as will practical baking mats and rolling pins.

And when it's time to decorate, reach for cake spatulas ordecorators and pastry spatulas. Fancy more elaborate designs? Among the decorating accessories you will find decorating templates and icing modelling tools. Check out our baking t ins too!

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Mastrad Pastry board silicone

27,82 €

Mastrad Pastry board silicone

16 el.Tala Icing bag with decorating tips 16 el.

13,92 €

Tala Icing bag with decorating tips 16 el.

NewHavannah Cutting board with rolling pin

38,82 €

Havannah Cutting board with rolling pin

NewSilikomart Silicone pastry board 32,5 cm

17,48 €

Silikomart Silicone pastry board 32,5 cm

NewSilikomart Choco Block Chocolate mould

13,62 €

Silikomart Choco Block Chocolate mould

52 pcs.NewSilikomart Bos52 Sugar tongs 52 pcs.

51,08 €

Silikomart Bos52 Sugar tongs 52 pcs.

NewSilikomart Dough scraper 13 cm

8,85 €

Silikomart Dough scraper 13 cm

NewSilikomart Fortune cookie mould envelope

10,22 €

Silikomart Fortune cookie mould envelope

NewSilikomart Acc083 Icing bag silicone

13,62 €

Silikomart Acc083 Icing bag silicone

3 el.NewSilikomart Decorating spoons with mug 3 el.

25,88 €

Silikomart Decorating spoons with mug 3 el.

NewSilikomart Cake knife 5 blades

75,59 €

Silikomart Cake knife 5 blades

NewSilikomart Choco Spiral Chocolate mould

11,35 €

Silikomart Choco Spiral Chocolate mould

NewBunny 520 Chocolate mould

28,15 €

Bunny 520 Chocolate mould

NewSilikomart Cooking torch 20 ml

27,01 €

Silikomart Cooking torch 20 ml

NewSilikomart Cooking torch 60 ml

40,63 €

Silikomart Cooking torch 60 ml

50 pcsNewSilikomart Pop cake sticks 50 pcs

2,04 €

Silikomart Pop cake sticks 50 pcs

NewSilikomart Dough dispenser

32,69 €

Silikomart Dough dispenser

NewSilikomart Choco Friture Chocolate mould

8,85 €

Silikomart Choco Friture Chocolate mould

NewSilikomart Confectionery starch 12 cm

9,08 €

Silikomart Confectionery starch 12 cm

NewGemma T Chocolate mould

18,84 €

Gemma T Chocolate mould

NewGarden Silicone lace mat

11,12 €

Garden Silicone lace mat

NewSilikomart Puppy Choco Tag Cake baking pan

13,62 €

Silikomart Puppy Choco Tag Cake baking pan

NewSilikomart Confectionery sleeve holder

11,58 €

Silikomart Confectionery sleeve holder

NewSilikomart Choco Flash Chocolate mould

13,62 €

Silikomart Choco Flash Chocolate mould

NewTesoro P Chocolate mould

18,84 €

Tesoro P Chocolate mould

7 el.NewSilikomart Icing bag with tips 7 el.

11,80 €

Silikomart Icing bag with tips 7 el.

26 pcsNewSilikomart Bos26 Sugar tongs 26 pcs

28,83 €

Silikomart Bos26 Sugar tongs 26 pcs

NewHavea Dough rolling pin

30,65 €

Havea Dough rolling pin

NewSilikomart Cake cooling rack 30 cm

24,97 €

Silikomart Cake cooling rack 30 cm

Magazyn FF

Who among us doesn't love home baking? Every home pastry chef should stock up on functional accessories for baking and decorating cakes, biscuits and cupcakes. Find out which gadgets for preparing and decorating appetising baked goods you should not miss in your kitchen.

Small and large, ceramic and silicone, cake tins and cake pans - baking tins

Robust, durable and long-lasting baking tins made of high-quality materials is one of the guarantees of of a well-baked cake in the shape of your choice. Among our selection you will find moulds for muffins and cakes, tarts, as well as 3D cake tins, cake pans tins and cake pans.

Also worthy of note are moulds and Christmas moulds, Also worthy of note are Christmas moulds and moulds for baking a gingerbread house, Advent wreath or cupcakes in the shape of a Christmas tree and a snowman. For Easter, on the other hand, we recommend you stock up on moulds and tins. With these, you can decorate your table with Easter cakes such as the shortcrust pastry lamb or the bunny-shaped cupcake.

The moulds we offer are made of various materials. We offer ceramic, silicone or stainless steel moulds. All of them are made of the best materials and of the highest quality, which guarantees a reliable use for a long time. reliable use for a long time. Choose a good baking tin to achieve the desired shape and appearance of your baked goods. the desired shape and appearance of your cakes.

Cake baking accessories - indispensable helpers in your kitchen

We love the amazing smells and aromas wafting through the kitchen when preparing homemade cakes, bread or cookies. The following will help you prepare delicious baked goods baking accessories. Among them you will find functional utensils that make the preparation of sweets easier and more convenient.

What baking accessories do you find in our range? These include, among others, the solidly made and handy a sturdy and handy cooling rackThe baking accessories you will find in our range include, among others: a sturdy and handy cooling grid, a tester, a shortcrust pastry mixer, a string knife for cutting sponge cake into even layers and ceramic baking balls for weighing down shortcrust or puff pastry to help you bake perfectly even tarts.

The baking accessories we offer are made of the Our baking accessories are made of the highest quality materials and are characterised by high durability, So you can be sure they will last for many years. In addition, they impress with their modern design and encourage you to prepare delicious cakes with them.

Unicorn, rabbit or gingerbread house-shaped cake tins?

Homemade cakes and biscuits are easy to prepare, especially if you equip yourself with high quality biscuit cutterswith which you can achieve the shape you want for your sweet treats. In the range you will find traditional biscuit cutters made of stainless steel, but also moulds made of plastic, classic as well as very impressive three-dimensional moulds. The range also includes plastic moulds, both classic and very impressive three-dimensional moulds.

Also worthy of note are the festive cookie cutters, which can be used to make delicious Christmas tree or snowman-shaped gingerbread, Easter egg or rabbit-shaped shortcake cookies. With the help of our cutters bake delicious and attractive cookies for Christmas, a party or a friend's for Christmas, a party with friends or your child's birthday party.

Decorating accessories - indispensable for decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes....

Cakes and pies, cupcakes and muffins, cakes and biscuits are delicious sweets that should delight not only with their taste but also with their appearance. In FormAdore you will find accessories for decorating baked goodsthanks to which you can you will decorate your sweets in a unique way. We offer various types of icing toolsbut also cake decorating stencilsWe offer a variety of icing tools, but also cake decorating stencils, cake decorations, cake stamps and cake pops.

Our cake decorating accessories are easy and convenient to useSo even if you don't bake often, you will have no problem using them to create impressive decorations.

Equip your kitchen with functional cake-decorating accessories so that you can for an imaginative and beautiful decoration of your cakes.

Sugar sleeves and spritzers - indispensable for decorating cakes, pastries, cookies...

Cakes and pastries should not only taste good, but also look great and catch the eye. That is why our assortment includes confectionery sleeves and spritzerswhich The range of our products therefore includes pastry sleeves and spritzers which offer unlimited possibilities for the imaginative decorating of your cakes. A confectionery sleeve is a a conical bag usually made of plastic or silicone. for decorating cakes with whipped cream, buttercream or sugar paste. In the set with a sleeve, it is worth buying confectioners' tongs, i.e. Decorating tips are available in various shapes and sizes. With these you can create beautiful designs on your cake or cupcakes. beautiful patternse.g. stars, flowers or leaves.

On the other hand Spritzers are tube-shaped machines with a handle, which, just like the sleeves, are used for pressing out various creams and pastes.

In FormAdore, in addition to the sleeves and spritzers, you will find cake decorators in the shape of pens - ideal for making precise decorations with melted chocolate or sweet sauces.

Potters and mats - for rolling out, kneading and baking dough

Potters and baking mats are indispensable accessories in the kitchenindispensable in the kitchen for kneading and rolling out dough.. Traditional pastry boards take up a lot of space, which is why FormAdore, in addition to the classic glass pastry boards glass pastry boards, FormAdore also offers handy and easy to use silicone pastry boards, which can be rolled up after use.

Our pastryboards are stable, they do not move when rolled out and the dough does not stick to the board, This greatly facilitates the preparation of your baked goods. An additional advantage of our pastry boards is that they are equipped with a practical divider, which makes it easier to determine the size of the dough during the rolling out and to obtain the desired shape.

An interesting solution is also provided by baking mats that can be used for both rolling out and baking dough. Simply transfer the silicone pad with the dough onto the baking tray, place the whole thing in the oven, and you're done!

Rollers - for shortcrust, yeast or dumpling dough

A good rolling pin is an A good rolling pin is an invaluable kitchen helper for rolling out dough to the desired thickness. In our shop you will find not only the traditional models wooden rollersbut also practical dough rollers The shop offers not only the traditional wooden rolling pins, but also practical dough rollers with thickness adjustment, decorative rollers, special rollers for icingThe shop offers not only traditional wooden rolling pins, but also practical dough rollers with adjustable thickness, decorative rollers, special rollers for icing, as well as marble rollers, ideal for kneading crumbs. marble rollers, ideal for kneading short dough, which loves low temperatures.

Useful and practical - dough spatulas

Often underestimated, but extremely useful - the dough spatulas are used to accurately picking out the dough from the bowl, but also for applying and spreading the cream, e.g. on a cake. We offer handy and appropriately shaped Silicone and metal spatulas, as well as traditional and angled spatulas, which are ideal for use in any kitchen.

Decorating a cake, cakes or cupcakes will certainly be much easier and more enjoyable if you equip yourself with our baking and decorating accessories.