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Pizza, as we know, should be eaten by hand, but for most dishes you need helpers. At FormAdore we have cutlery for every occasion: elegant and extravagant, subdued and original, single and in sets.

Good design can accompany you every step and every bite. Here you will find tablespoons for soups and oatmeal, stylish coffee and tea spoons that look like small works of art, forks and forks for cakes and desserts or table knives, for steaks, for butter spreads... Choose from, to colour! We recommend gold cutlery to the elegantes, and black cutlery to the lovers of original solutions. If you're picking tableware from scratch, think of a set of cutlery that will come in handy when you invite guests.

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4 el.Diy Utensils set 4 el.

59,78 €

Diy Utensils set 4 el.

4 el.Gold Utensils set 4 el.

34,07 €

Gold Utensils set 4 el.

4 el.Black Utensils set 4 el.

34,07 €

Black Utensils set 4 el.

68 el.King Utensils set 68 el.

527,25 €

King Utensils set 68 el.

24 el.Grace Utensils set 24 el.

118,68 €

Grace Utensils set 24 el.

24 el.Nuovo Milano Utensils set 24 el.

340,66 €

Nuovo Milano Utensils set 24 el.

Dressed Butter knife

9,89 €

Dressed Butter knife

2 pcsNicolas Vahe Spoons brass 2 pcs

19,56 €

Nicolas Vahe Spoons brass 2 pcs

Nicolas Vahe(2)
16 el.Grand Cru Utensils set 16 el.

202,20 €

Grand Cru Utensils set 16 el.

24 el.Mu Utensils set 24 el.

306,59 €

Mu Utensils set 24 el.

Itsumo Butter knife

3,96 €

Itsumo Butter knife

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