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The LOQI Museum Collection brings together works of art from museums such as the MoMA, Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery and TATE. Featuring works by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Richter, Hokusai and Malevich— a carefully selected collection for art lovers. Reusable, eco-friendly bags by Loqi are a must have for every trendsetter and all shopping-lovers. The colourful shoppers are strong like a man (they can carry up to 20 kg), light as a feather (55 g), are chemical-free and their numerous designs match all characters and personalities. With the size of 50 x 42 cm, they include an internal pocket (11 x 11,5 cm) and a practical and comfortable handle (27 cm long). Water resistant, washable, food-safe, OEKO-TEX certified bags are decorated with graphics designed by various artists in urban, artistic, botanical or pop style. The bags, perfect for shopping, local market, hollidays, university or a library, can be easily folded in three ways - by folding them neatly using the pocket included, by rolling them or simply by stuffing them into a pocket. Take them everywhere and enjoy!
Available versions:
  • Loqi Museum Vincent Van Gogh Bag Wheat field with cypresses, Loqi Museum Jean Michel Basquiat Skull Bag, Loqi Museum Keith Haring Bag, Loqi Museum Edward Munch Scream Bag, Loqi Museum Sandro Botticelli Narodziny Wenus Bag, Loqi Museum Keith Haring New York Bag, Loqi Museum Jean Michel Basquiat Warhol Bag, Loqi Museum Poul Gernes Kropki Bag, Loqi Museum Edgar Degas Dancer In Green Bag, Loqi Museum Gustav Klimt Hygieia Bag, Loqi Museum Toulouse Lautrec Jane Avril & Aristide Bruant Bag, Loqi Museum Rene Magritte Golconda Bag, Loqi Museum Jackson Pollock Number 32 Bag, Loqi Museum Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Bag, Loqi Museum Keith Haring Andy Mouse Bag, Loqi Museum Marc Chagall I And The Village Bag, Loqi Museum Rene Magritte Personal Values Bag, Loqi Museum Poul Gernes Target 1966-69 Bag, Loqi Museum Hokusai Red Fuji Fine Wind, Clear Morning Bag, Loqi Museum Jean Michel Basquiat Crown Bag, Loqi Museum Claude Monet Bag Japanese bridge in Giverny




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50 cm (19.69 in)


42 cm (16.54 in)






LOQI 2021 catalogue

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Loqi 2020 catalogue

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Customer opinions (44)

Average rating:
4.6/5.0Share your opinion
  • Aldona12/11/2021 r.
    very nice bag
  • Barbara z Katowic5/06/2021 r.
    The bag is beautiful and very functional. You can see that the designer has thought through the needs of the user.
    The workmanship is impeccable.
    I recommend.
  • Wioletta27/05/2021 r.
    The price is a bit too high compared to the quality. The colouring differs from the one on the photo, in fact it is worse. The idea of using a motif of paintings is nice
  • Ilona6/05/2021 r.
    Beautiful bag, very good quality.
  • Ania z Częstochowy15/01/2021 r.
    I am pleased with the purchase of this bag.
  • Jacek z Częstochowy28/12/2020 r.
    The bag is OK
  • Dorota4/12/2020 r.
    Very nice, solid bag. It can be rolled up, put in the bag and will be at hand if necessary.
  • KK15/10/2020 r.
    very good workmanship, big bag
  • Maria24/09/2020 r.
    Product as described.
  • AGNIESZKA Z Warszawy17/09/2020 r.
    Very nice bag for small shopping :) .
  • Ania18/06/2020 r.
    A regular bag, but... the detail makes a difference. The lightweight, perfect length of the handles and the remarkable graphics
  • Anna (Wrocław)5/06/2020 r.
    Very nice and solid product. Although a bit too expensive, considering its simple form and function.
  • n22/05/2020 r.
  • Monika F.29/04/2020 r.
    Lightweight, folded takes up very little space, durable. Very good quality printing.
  • Barbara G30/01/2020 r.
    Very practical shopping bags. Can also be carried on your shoulder. We protect the environment:)
  • Urszula19/12/2019 r.
    Robust product, as described
  • B6/12/2019 r.
    A great product I recommend.
  • Magda z Warszawy8/08/2019 r.
    Another LOQi bag impresses with its quality and is so different! I highly recommend
  • Kasia1/08/2019 r.
    Very cool, practical bag.
  • Agnieszka z Bielska7/02/2019 r.
    the bag is very nice and solidly made. quite large, accommodates great shopping, suitable for bad weather. if I printed it on canvas, it could be used for everyday use as a bag. I would love to buy it.
  • Natka24/01/2019 r.
    The bag is great! The only downside is that it slides off the shoulders a little bit- through the slippery material. But the aesthetic qualities make up for it. :)
  • Patrycja6/01/2019 r.
    Functional bag very nice advantages too wide handles and length, can be carried on the shoulder.
  • EnaBanena4/01/2019 r.
    The bag is big, you can carry it on your shoulder. Good quality. I recommend it.
  • Ela z Zabrza.26/07/2018 r.
    Very carefully made, colors too.Bags just beautiful, someone keeps asking me where I got such nice shopping bags.I recommend.
  • Magda z Krakowa5/07/2018 r.
    I have been a lucky user of LOQI bags for a few years now (I wear two colour versions in turns). They are super durable and well made - the only way to destroy them is to scrub the bag on the ground ;-) I bought this bag as a gift for Van Gogh's admirer.
  • Aida z Józefosławia24/05/2018 r.
    beautiful bags...)
  • .19/04/2018 r.
  • Leszek z Pabianice12/04/2018 r.
    A really good product. Big comfortable bag.
  • Gabrysia z Piły29/03/2018 r.
    The bag is 100% what I want. It is packed and durable and when folded it fits into a small pocket of a women's bag. Beautiful, juicy colors. Ideal for shopping. I recommend it.
  • Renata W.8/03/2018 r.
    The bag is well made, the material is thin but durable. It can be worn on the shoulder and in the hand. Folded, fits into a small women's bag, or simply into a pocket. Shopping carried in this bag looks, stylish,
  • Kasia22/02/2018 r.
    A convenient bag to use. Maz pleased with the gift.
  • Danka z Łodzi27/01/2018 r.
    The bag is very nice and original. The disadvantage is that only ears are double. I think the material is too thin, if the interior would have been sewn in whole quality would be recommendable.
  • Małgorzata z Łodzi30/11/2017 r.
    The bag is great. Such as in the picture and very careful execution. It was a very present gift. (Blue Fox bag)
  • Bozena z Warszawy10/11/2017 r.
    The product is not worth the price, a tassel cloth and without a handy handle, the purchase is unsuccessful
  • Bozena H.25/05/2017 r.
    The bag is great!
  • Teresa z Wa-wy25/05/2017 r.
    Original and very practical. For senior ladies.
  • Basia12/01/2017 r.
    bag with sunflower print is certainly worth the price
  • cicha1075/01/2017 r.
    Very solidly made bag, quite large, you can hang it over your shoulder and even sooooo loaded is comfortable to wear, not soaked. Every woman should have her, an elegant replacement for a plastic disposable ;-) I recommend!
  • Sylwia Z Zabrza31/03/2016 r.
    An ordinary orthalion bag. I got completely different shades than in the picture
  • Iwona z Dąbrowy Górniczej25/02/2016 r.
    The perfect shopping bag. Careful performance, the right volume, all in my favorite pattern :)
  • Magda M.28/01/2016 r.
    excellent bag, perfect workmanship, I recommend
  • Magda M.28/01/2016 r.
    excellent product, great quality, beautifully presented, I recommend
  • Kasia ze Szczecina14/01/2016 r.
    Beautiful design and functionality. very good product.
  • Sylwia z Dzierżoniowa27/12/2015 r.
    A great bag, extraordinary, original. The function is the most usable - just a shopper, but the look and performance - a small "art piece". Colloquially speaking - a small thing, and glad.
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