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Shoppers from Loqi are the absolute 'must have' for all fashionistas, trendsetters, shopaholic women, neat but loaded with the necessary accessories, smart and beautiful students and everyone who likes accessories in a timeless 'Wow! Bags from this manufacturer's collection, in addition to the enormous power of attracting the eye thanks to the extremely attractive designs and colors, are characterized by the extremely durable, ecological, waterproof polyester and the great power of this material - that is, the load capacity of up to 20 kg, with the unusual lightness of the product itself (Loqi bags weigh only 55 g and are OEKO-TEX certified). Additionally, the bags are equipped with an internal pocket and a wide handle, which will allow you not only to hold the bag proudly in your hand, but also to drop it on your shoulder. Colorful collections refer to the patterns of nature, architecture of the world's most famous cities, the world of animals, geometric patterns, and finally the works of famous artists and will surely change the usual way out to the vegetable cellar into an eccentric trip for stylish parsley :)

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Loqi Reflective Bag

30,33 €

Loqi Reflective Bag

3 pcsZip Pockets Reflective Sachets 3 pcs

20,22 €

Zip Pockets Reflective Sachets 3 pcs