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Original Kaiser was founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser and is now a world leader in the development and production of baking forms. In 1984, the unique Premium LA FORME series was born, which has brought the brand great success. The cake and other baking tins from the La Forme Plus collection are tins that combine traditional shapes, excellent quality materials and the utmost care. These extremely durable accessories have been covered with a shiny non-stick coating (the first mold with this coating was produced by Kaiser brand in 1968), which not only makes baked goods easy to move away from the mold, but is also scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. Tight closures and bases, decorative packaging and a 10 year warranty on the products from the collection are the assets that will make La Forme moulds meet even the highest demands of baking enthusiasts, becoming indispensable during preparations for holidays and other celebrations.

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