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Wesco is a German brand specializing in manufacturing metal baskets and other household accessories. Established in 1867 as a family business, the Wesco brand enjoys an extraordinary popularity, which it owes to high quality materials, German precision of manufacture and a wide range of offered products. Many of them refer in their style to the American design of the 1950s, 1960s, 70s and even 20s, making Wesco products bring a unique atmosphere to interiors. The first product from the line of popular baskets - the Pushboy basket was also inspired by the traditional American 'trash can' style basket, and the style offered by Wesco made a hit in American homes, strengthening the relations of this German manufacturer with overseas markets and thus exerting a significant influence on the brand design. Kitchen and bathroom accessories and waste bins from this manufacturer's offer below will allow you to recall the atmosphere of old America, bring order and better organize the performance of daily activities.

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