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What if threads came out of a romantic dinner (not spaghetti) and an exquisite dessert ended up as an unreliable end? There is a quick and reliable way to do it. We put on a kitchen apron from Cookie and... Done! With such a creation, you know who's gonna be the star of the evening anyway. A Polish brand specializing in cooking from the kitchen - that is, making kitchen aprons from thick cotton, offers kitchen outfits for both women and cooking men and offers models of different cuts and colours. From natural cotton, through dark black and bold, sexy red to flowery patterns from the Mediterranean. The models offered are both aprons resembling classic, elegant French dresses and frivolous, girly creations. The hallmarks of COOKie aprons are a characteristic framing and the brand logo sewn on the apron. In the kitchen like on the catwalk? Definitely!

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