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We could kill trees too. But why should we have to? With these words you can start the story of the Australian brand Karst. Its creators decided they didn't go for the easy way of making Notes from paper (or at least not cellulose paper). They said they were going to make notebooks with... stones. Sounds like a fantasy? Maybe, but it works. And it's perfect!

Karst notebooks are made of recycled calcium carbonate (the mining and construction industry produces a lot of waste rock!). The crushed stones are mixed with a binder (non-toxic resin) - the resulting paper is smooth, bright and durable, and waterproof. It is definitely harder to tear than "ordinary" paper, but at the same time it decays quickly and does not litter the environment. Oh, there's still a cherry on the cake! The production of paper from stone is more ecological - no water, no tree or toxins are used, and it also leaves 2/3 less carbon footprint than cellulose paper.

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