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Simplicity, elegance, Italian DNA, international roots and harmony between content, form and functionality are the most important features of the products in the catalogue of the Italian brand Covo and its flagship collection Not Common Things, which, as the name suggests, is full of unusual products. One of the most popular products of this manufacturer is undoubtedly the Tiuku clock - a modern interpretation of the classic pendulum clock. The designer Ari Kanerva has replaced the traditional, usually heavy and richly ornamented form of the clock with a light, simple and minimalist shape that draws attention to itself with unusual proportions. The long and thin legs, like those of a crane, support a rectangular dial decorated only with thin, black hands. The Latva clothes hanger with its organic shape resembling tree branches, Alfred's wardrobe in the form of an intriguing chair, or the Ciacapo cast-iron tea jug are designs which, like the Tiuku clock, cannot be ignored.

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