Crash Baggage

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This Italian brand was founded in 2012 by Francesco Pavia in response to the reality of ever increasing human mobility. The designer decided to challenge the problem of the baggage handlers who are confronted during their travels, and it can be said that it has completely "bent" him - literally and figuratively. He designed a suitcase that can be used without worrying about its fate, as the traces of use visible on it are its hallmark.

Although the surface of Crash Baggage is quite bent, in fact, it's just a clever trick to make it even more resistant to damage and dents. Existing bends are arranged so that every next drop of baggage or its uncontrolled flight from the sorting office to the luggage room and back is the least invasive. The brand slogan is HANDLE WITHOUT CARE, or "carry without worry". You take Crash Baggage with you on a journey and don't have to think about securing it additionally against abrasions and bruises. And if they do, the suitcase will look even better!

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