New Norm Tea brewer

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Product description


The New Norm glass tea kettle is a tribute to the eastern tradition of tea brewing and, at the same time, an attempt to combine Scandinavian minimalism with equally simplistic Asian style. Your tea will look nice in this transparent jug with light shining through the brew. The egg-shaped steel basket of the tea infuser does not detract from the simplicity of the design, and neither does the body of the subtly shaped glass jug. This ingenious brewing system enables you to lift the infuser above tea level by simply dragging the silicone string. This adds originality to this already interesting and attractive product. This tea infuser is truly unique and guaranteed to delight everyone with its simple yet original brewing system.
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The New Norm collection is one of the most famous works of the brand Menu. Is it ideal flat plates are normal? Can a lavish dinner be served on simple dishes without any decorations? The menu redefines the standard and proposes solutions that everyone will like. New Norm plates, bowls or jugs are both universal, simple and elegant. The dishes made of high quality porcelain are eye-catching and at the same time do not distract from the biggest stars of the meal - served dishes.




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Norm Architects


silicon, stainless steel, glass, plastic

Type of infuser



17 cm (6.69 in)


21.50 cm (8.46 in)


1.50 l






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Customer opinions (26)

Average rating:
4.9/5.0Share your opinion
  • Paulina z Gdyni16/08/2021 r.
    The kettle has been thought through down to the smallest detail. It holds its heat through the cork and the tight top seal.
  • Bogusia4/01/2021 r.
    Beautiful workmanship
  • Halina z Łodzi28/12/2020 r.
    A jug - a tea maker - was purchased as a gift. The jug is functional and expands tea beautifully. The daughter is very pleased
  • Magda, Poznań18/12/2020 r.
    This is my second copy of this brewer, the previous one was five years old and would have continued to serve, but I broke it inattentively. It is an indispensable part of family meals, I do not know of a better alternative, definitely worth the price.
  • Magda z Warszawy24/09/2020 r.
    The best tea kettle I've ever had. I've bought it the sixth time... a gift. You only need 2 teaspoons of tea to get 3 litres of brew.
  • Krzysztof z warszawy30/04/2020 r.
    Great, I recommend it to everyone :-)
  • Robuski ze stolicy28/12/2019 r.
    I'm very pleased with the purchase. Very nicely made, easy to keep clean, the handle does not heat up, it's just a shame that the heater is not included. Greetings r.
  • Zuza z Poznania22/12/2019 r.
    Beautiful Scandinavian design of an extremely practical tea brewer. And just as drinking tea served in a porcelain cup makes a difference, brewing it in this beautiful brewer makes a difference. It's awesome! I recommend it!
  • Magda10/10/2019 r.
    The brewer is beautifully designed, the glass is delicate but looks great.
  • Ryka_ka7/02/2019 r.
    The best and prettiest brewer! :)
  • Sebastian10/01/2019 r.
    It's a great product. The brewing mechanism is great. Easy to keep clean. Indeed, you have to be careful because the glass is delicate - others have also written about it. I recommend it.
  • Hanna7/01/2017 r.
    The kettle is beautiful, but it also happened to me a crack - in the dishwasher. The glass is thin, so - agreeing with the previous speakers - you really have to handle it like an egg and it's best to wash it gently by hand. Especially that the price is very high.
  • Asia z Koszalina30/12/2016 r.
    Czajniczek is simply beautiful and very functional. The only minusik for that you have to handle it like an egg, because the glass is very delicate.
  • Mario z Wawy8/12/2016 r.
    Sensational in every respect 1. Quality 2. Practicality 3. Aesthetics
  • Daniel Bydgoszcz17/11/2016 r.
    99% of things from Menu are a revelation: D
  • monika27/05/2016 r.
    My favorite tea maker. The steel basket on the elastic can be pushed to the top and thus control the power of the infusion. It has a beautiful shape. Unfortunately, this is my second copy, the first one burst during washing, after about a year of use.
  • ania z warszawy8/04/2016 r.
    I adore him!
  • Ela M z Bydgoszczy6/02/2016 r.
    An excellent product with beautiful shape and functionality. It is a table decoration and makes guests interested. The only disadvantage is unfortunately the high price, especially when we treat ourselves to a set of heater. However, I declare officially - WORTH !!!
  • NYC1/02/2016 r.
    Ideal :)
  • Justyna z Warszawy17/09/2015 r.
    An original design that is perfect for everyday use.
  • Monika, W-wa18/06/2015 r.
    A jug of beautiful shape, beautifully presented. Large, it has more than 1.5 l of water. Functional. The lid holding the metal infuser is made of plastic, not glass.
  • Aneta z Torunia30/12/2014 r.
    Excellent, beautiful and really practical, probably my best purchase here.
  • Aneta z Torunia22/12/2014 r.
    Well made, interesting appearance, practical.
  • Kasia z Siedlec22/05/2014 r.
    Large capacity. It keeps you warm for a long time. A small minus for minor coffee grounds getting out of the brew.
  • ut23/10/2013 r.
    The jug is modern, well-made, and has a lot of tea. Very practical.
  • mru13/09/2013 r.
    I am very pleased . The product meets my expectations.
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