Nicola Pitcher for tea

VS-0062995 (V36103)
Viva Scandinavia
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Nicola Pitcher for tea grey

Nicola Pitcher for tea grey

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Product description


Viva Scandinavia tea pots are the answer to the needs of lovers of good, aromatic teas who want to have a perfectly balanced set for preparing your favorite infusions. This brand is entirely devoted to the tradition of making tea - its accessories are created for both amateurs and professionals to brew good tea. Nicola jug, thanks to the economical lines known for its Scandinavian design, also becomes a graceful decorative element on every table.

Main features:
  • The tea pot has a simple, modern form, stylized like a traditional teapot. It is distinguished by a matte color and a natural accent in the form of a wooden cork.
  • The top of the spout is above the pitcher's infusion line - so the drink does not spill out of the container when it is lifted or moved from place to place.
  • The comfortable steel handle does not heat up, even when there is a lot of hot tea inside the dish.
  • The 1.3-liter capacity allows you to prepare more brew for several people.

How to use:
  • Nicola tea pot is a perfect complement to any tea set - both used at home and used professionally, e.g. in a restaurant or cafe.
  • We can serve not only tea, but also various types of herbal infusion, as well as ready coffee and other hot drinks.

Materials used:
  • The jug is made of porcelain - it maintains the right temperature for a long time and looks great on a modern table.
  • The handle is made of steel - the small bridge connecting the handle with the jug means that it doesn't heat up much, making it safe to use.
  • The lid is styled like a wooden cork, adding additional character and protecting the drink from spilling.

Worth knowing!
  • The tea pot was created by hand by excellent Scandinavian craftsmen, for whom the quality and durability of materials are very important.
  • The model should be washed by hand. Do not use on the hob and in the microwave.
Available versions:
  • Nicola Pitcher for tea grey, Nicola Pitcher for tea white


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wood, porcelain


induction no


dishwasher no


microwave no

Type of infuser



19.50 cm (7.68 in)


14.50 cm (5.71 in)


14 cm (5.51 in)


1.30 l








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  • Duncan from London2/07/2020 r.
    Terrible design - water drips out the spout and down the teapot regardless of how you pour it.
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