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Two different mugs in one piece. The Fedora mug from the Seletti Hybrid collection is a combination of two patterns of different colours and decorative motifs. The beautifully shaped handle and visible difference in the edge finishing highlight this contrast and make Fedora a product which will capture the attention of any guest of your house. The mug illustrated here will look even more elegant in the presence of other cups and mugs from the Hybrid collection in which every pattern is very unique and every dish is completely different. The Hybrid collection is a manifestation of the great history and achievements of Eastern and Western porcelain manufacturers which span several centuries. Each of the dishes is a combination of different cultures, patterns and decorative motifs with different edge finishing. Thus this tableware is perfect for those who love porcelain, multicultural mixes, fusion cuisine and cannot decide on one particular type of tableware. Hybrid tableware by the Italian brand Seletti is hand made in the capital of bone china - Tangshan, China. The bone china, which is a combination of bone ash, feldspars and kaolin, is characterised by a high level of whiteness and transparency as well as its mechanical resistance, which is higher than that of classic porcelain. The saucers, bowls, cups and mugs from the Hybrid collection will look really elegant on a white-covered table which will expose their uniqueness and beauty. Each dish from the Hybrid collection is safely packed in separate eco-friendly packages.
Collection Seletti Hybrid
Beauty lies in diversity. The Seletti brand knows it and that is why it has created this amazing collection - Seletti Hybrid is made of the highest quality bone china. The combination of different patterns and colours creates a true feast of colours and a cultural mix that will delight every lover of eclecticism and original solutions. Do you want to have a tableware different from everyone else? Here is the solution!




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bone china



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with handle


8.50 cm (3.35 in)


10.50 cm (4.13 in)


0.28 l






Seletti Spring 2021 catalogue

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