Scanpan Impact Saucepan

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Product description


The Pan Scanpan Impact collection is an accessory with a classic, elegant style that will suit any type of kitchen. The dish with an aluminum base and steel walls, is characterized by a polished, mirror-like internal surface , which gives the Impact pots a unique style. The measuring cup placed on the inside of the walls and the edge profiled to facilitate the transfer of liquids are additional advantages of the dish presented here. The saucepan is equipped with a steel handle and a cover made of tempered glass and is available in three practical sizes , ideal for cooking milk, preparing sauces or small portions of vegetables.
Below is a detailed description of the features that characterize the products from the Impact collection.
Available versions:
  • Scanpan Impact Saucepan 1,2 l, Scanpan Impact Saucepan 2,5 l, Scanpan Impact Saucepan 1,8 l




Product ID



aluminum, stainless steel, glass


induction yes


dishwasher no

Oven safe





2.50 l





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More about this product

The Scanpan brand is a well-known and respected Danish manufacturer of pots, pans and other kitchen accessories, whose unique features ensure the satisfaction of both professional and home cooks around the world. The collection of Impact pots and pans , like other cookware from this manufacturer, is made of hand-cast aluminum (100% recycled). The aluminum base and walls made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel guarantee the durability of the products in this series and provide them with a universal look. The mirror finish on the inside of the dishes gives them an elegant character. The stainless steel handles do not heat up quickly, and the measuring cup on the inside of the dishes helps to keep the right proportions. The lids made of tempered glass allow for better control of cooked dishes, and the specially profiled rim allows for convenient pouring. The bottom of the cookware from this collection has been adapted to the needs of induction cookers , as well as all other types of kitchen. Dishes from this collection can also be washed in a dishwasher, but this is not recommended by the manufacturer. It is recommended to wash by hand with water and washing-up liquid, immediately after use. After washing, the dishes should be thoroughly dried. The dishes from the Impact collection have a ten -year manufacturer's warranty.

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